Manage sales performance effectively and drive growth

Varicent is an industry-leading sales performance management solution that helps businesses of all sizes create smarter plans, identify efficiencies across leaky pipelines and pay sellers accurately and on time.

Sales Performance Management

What is SPM?

Sales Performance Management (SPM) provides organizations with the capabilities they need to inform, plan, optimize and reward seller performance - both internally and externally. This helps to motivate sales behaviors, drive revenue quality and sustain business growth.

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How can Varicent help?

Varicent provides a single, integrated platform to manage the end-to-end processes of all aspects of sales performance.  Our full suite of SPM solutions enables you to plan territories and quotas effectively, improve revenue operations to capture missed pipeline opportunities, and leverage the fastest and most flexible way to pay sellers accurately and on time.

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Our feature-rich, flexible and scalable application enables you to pivot from processing incentive compensation to true Sales Performance Management.

Icon - Sales Entity Definitions - 2x
Sales entity definition
  • Sellers
  • Products
  • Geographies
  • Accounts
  • Roles with hierarchies
Icon - Assignments - 2x
  • Territory management
  • Quota management
  • Plan assignments
Icon - Workflows - 2x
  • Plan distribution
  • Plan acknowledgement Quota letter
  • Quota acceptance
  • Pay approval
  • Overrides Inquiries/disputes
Icon - Modeling - 2x
  • Territory planning
  • Quota planning
  • Incentive structures
Icon - Data Integrations - 2x
Data integration
  • Data from HR, sales and other sources
Icon - Incentive Plan Management - 2x
Incentive plan management
  • Incentive plan components
Icon - Pay Data Integration - 2x
Pay data integration
  • To GL/AP/AR Payroll
Icon - Pay Instructions - 2x
Pay instructions
  • Accruals
  • Withholdings
  • Pay results
Icon - Incentive Calculations - 2x
Incentive calculations
  • Allocation
  • Crediting
  • Base incentives
  • Speed components
  • True up/down chargebacks
Icon - Analytics - 2x
  • Executive
  • Gamification
  • Fraud analytics
Icon - Sales events and eligibility management - 2x
Sales events
and eligibility management
  • Sales events
  • Allocation and eligibility rules
  • Regulatory validations
Icon - Post Pay Management - 2x
Post pay management
  • Inquiry tracking Adjustments
  • Adjustment approvals
Icon - Dashboards and Reporting - 2x
Dashboards and reporting
  • Operational
  • Seller
  • Financials
  • Partners
Streamline sales to drive growth, from planning to payment. See why Varicent is the leading SPM solution with this feature overview.

Varicent simplifies Sales Performance Management so that your Sales Operations and Sales Teams can focus on driving your business.


A suite of SPM solutions to help you Plan, Operate and Pay.

Optimize sales incentives and commission structures with Varicent ICM

Incentive Compensation Management (ICM)

Recognized as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Performance Management seven times in a row, Varicent is the market leading SPM technology to automate all business aspects of Incentive Compensation, along with flexible data structures, configurable workflows, self-service reporting by sales teams and advanced analytics using augmented intelligence through Symon.AI. 

Optimize incentives administration of simple sales commissions/bonuses and global, multifaceted incentive structures (draws, guarantees, ramps, SPIFFs) in a timely manner, with greater accuracy for internal and partner sellers alike. Gain visibility into seller performance, to effectively drive performance and align behaviour to organizational strategy. 

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Territory and Quota Planning (TQP)

Varicent Territory and Quota Planning is a revolutionary new way for you to visually plan and organize your sales deployment model in alignment with your go-to-market strategy.

As the trailblazers in sales performance management, Varicent Territory and Quota Planning is uniquely designed to help you create smarter, more effective territory and quota plans so you can adapt to shifting realities and drive growth.

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Varicent Territory and Quota Planning

Revenue Intelligence

Is your organization suffering from a leaky funnel? Varicent’s Lift solution enables organizations to uncover missed opportunities from your funnel to improve pipeline health across Sales and Marketing.

Our Varicent Lift solution helps to improve lead response time, ensure continuity of account ownership, maximize opportunity engagement and identify coaching moments all through your native Salesforce interface.

Get full visibility into the entire pipeline progression at each stage to conversion so you can easily spot trends, diagnose points of friction and identify where you’re losing deals - and why - for optimal pipeline management.

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Augmented Intelligence (AI)

Our augmented intelligence platform, Symon.AI, enables you to find meaningful patterns in complex and sophisticated sales systems so that you can turn data into evidence in the pursuit of unlocking untapped potential of your go-to-market.

By leveraging Symon.AI, you to save time by easily connecting, cleansing and joining data to automate data tasks without the need for code. Utilize out-of-the-box apps to deliver quick, understandable answers to everyday sales performance questions so you can improve your go-to-market strategy. Use data science to create more accurate forecasts, find outliers and predict outcomes to impact sales performance and growth.

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Find meaningful pattern in your data with Varicent's augmented intelligence platform, Symon.AI

We understand your business has unique needs.

Let one of our SPM experts show you how Varicent’s power and flexibility can have a significant impact on sales performance management at your organization. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with us and see Varicent in action through a complimentary demo.


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