Prioritizing Investments to Maximize Revenue with Varicent Sales Planning

The need to effectively plan and execute on a go-to-market strategy is more important than ever – in fact, a recent study from the Sales Management Association indicated that while nearly all leaders believe go-to-market planning is important, only 40% believe they are effective in their planning efforts. 

How confident are you in the investments you’re making and the bets you’re placing to maximize return in the year to come? 

Join us to learn how to optimize your go-to-market planning efforts, better collaborate with sales in planning, and effectively manage your plan throughout the year. We will share how Varicent Sales Planning’s visual and data driven approach enables you to: 

  • Focus your resources on the right market segments and prospects with the highest revenue potential 
  • Optimize territories by balancing market potential, revenue targets, and seller profiles 
  • Design quotas that motivate sellers and align to corporate goals  
  • Anticipate market shifts and seize new opportunities with meaningful insights 

This webinar will include a demonstration of Varicent’s Sales Planning solution and an open Q&A session. 


Speakers: James Mulligan, Product Marketing Director, Varicent 
                   Zoe Ha, Sales Planning Solution Consultant, Varicent 


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