Create smarter plans, outdo previous performance, and establish incentive strategies that motivate the right behaviors to achieve revenue goals.


    The role of sales, whether as a leader or seller, plays a critical part in the generation of revenue. However, data inefficacies, process chaos, or misalignments can lead to missed numbers and lost revenue opportunities.

    From sales to quotas to compensation, Varicent enables companies to drive high performance and maximize revenue by providing vital data, insights, and tools through a single platform. No matter your role, we can help you reach your business objectives and revenue goals.


    With Varicent, the Vice President of Sales can:

    • Align corporate objectives and goals with your sales strategy, methodologies, and go-to-market sales plays to ensure that the Sales Team is selling the right products, to the right customers, at the right time.
    • View past sales performance and predict future sales performance while prescribing a clear vision and direction to the Sales Team, outlining what is needed from them to meet quota targets and revenue expectations.
    • Stay ahead of the competition by quickly discovering new opportunities that provide a competitive advantage by accessing data discovery and augmented intelligence capabilities.
    • Track and report sales quota assignment and attainment in comparison with the finance leader’s revenue plan to ensure Sales and Finance alignment.


    Sales Operations Leaders can:

    • Equitably assign Sales Team quotas and ensuring the organization's financial objectives are optimally allocated to all sales channels and resources through the quota program.
    • Provides leadership to the Sales organization and counsel to the Senior Vice President, Sales in implementing Sales organization objectives that appropriately reflect the organizations strategy and business objectives.
    • Communicate job expectations, planning, and monitoring, and reviews Sales Rep contributions.
    • Plans and reviews compensation actions, enforcing policies and procedures around crediting eligibility and compensation programs.


    Sales Representative can:

    • Access and view past and current sales incentive compensation statements at any time from anywhere.
    • View key performance metrics such as ranking reports, quota attainment, new customer acquisitions, opportunities in pipeline, and many other performance metrics.
    • Examine the compensation structure, compensation plan components and measures, and any compensation policies and procedures.
    • Calculate projected commission earnings based on different scenarios (e.g. what if you were to close three more transactions in the current month or up-sell a specific product to a customer).
    • Submit inquiries when something doesn’t look correct on your compensation statement.


    Let’s calculate your potential ROI!

    Wondering what kind of return on investment Varicent will yield for your organization? Let us help you calculate your potential ROI and provide a completely customized report of benefits your business could realize from using Varicent.