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Our Story

It’s been a journey to get to where we are today, and where we hope to go.


Since 2005

Since 2005, we’ve been on a mission to help revenue leaders to drive growth


Suite of Solutions

A suite of solutions to effectively manage your sales performance and drive revenue growth


700 Members

700 team members and growing across 5 global regions



100,000+ Payees worldwide



Trusted by the world’s leading brands

Discover Our Teams

Discover your dream team. Whether you’re bringing our product from ideation to launch or driving success for our customers, you’ll find your fit here on one of our high-performing teams.



From implementation to ongoing support, this team delivers tailored strategies, ensuring seamless integration and maximum value.



This team supports our customers and ensures a trusting relationship between them and Varicent.



Championing our mission to prioritize employee well-being, the employee experience team actively fosters a supportive and inclusive workplace environment for all.



This team brings creativity and innovation to our brand, shaping the way we share our stories with the world.



Forging relationships and understanding our clients' needs, our sales team identifies the best solutions to meet their goals.



From ideation to launch, this team has the expert knowledge and vision for our solutions' success.



Driving our progress and sustaining growth, this team ensures we stay on track toward our goals.

Our Values

Our values are the guiding principles and beliefs that define our culture, behaviors, and decision-making, serving as a foundation for our overall actions and interactions. Trust fuels all our values.

  • Ricki-Ann-Cenac

    We Win Together

    Here at Varicent, our guiding principle is simple: “we win together”. It’s more than just a saying; it’s the core of our accomplishments. Together, we tackle challenges, celebrate triumphs, and push boundaries. Joining this team means joining a family that thrives on collaboration and shared achievements.

    Ricki Ann Cenac, People Operations Specialist

  • Nathan-Braymore

    Embrace The Journey

    “Embrace the Journey" encapsulates the transformative evolution within my 15-year career at Varicent. Commencing as a Solutions Specialist, I honed technical expertise, segueing seamlessly into a Product Manager role, leveraging prior knowledge. As a PM, I discovered the invaluable support team, seizing an opportunity as a trainer, ultimately blossoming into a managerial role.

    Nathan Braymore, Manager, Support NA

  • Cristina-Avram

    Active Problem Solver

    Being a member of Varicent team presents challenges, yet it's precisely this dynamic that drives my motivation. I find my energy surge from addressing our clients' issues and providing top-tier solutions. Their trust in us serves as validation that we're excelling in our work.

    Cristina Avram, Manager, Professional Services

Benefits and Perks

Your wellbeing is our priority. We believe that it is never one-size-fits-all, so here are just some of the puzzle pieces we’ve put in place to ensure you’re happy, healthy, and motivated.


Work-Life Balance

Life can sometimes feel like a juggling act, so let us help you balance it all. We offer generous time off (including your birthday!), options for remote working, flexible hours, and days with no meetings - so your life can work around your work, rather than vice versa.


Grow With Us

When you join us, you’ll be empowered to be your very best. From day one. We focus a great deal on enabling continuous development — giving you the opportunities you need to learn on the job and grow with the company.


Competitive Package

Our aim isn’t simply to secure the best talent, but to reward and recognize your contributions and to share in our success. Expect a competitive remuneration package and the ability to plan for today, and save for tomorrow.


Virtual Healthcare and Mental Health

Our culture of open communication extends beyond the workplace. We ensure that each of our team members has access to the mental health resources they need — anytime, anywhere.


Employee and Family Assistance

As a Varicent team member, your family is our family. Look out for our Family Assistance program, built to support you in every aspect of your life.


Our Connected Culture

We celebrate each other and get together often (in person and virtually) for team building events, giving back to our communities, post-work socials, and some fun competition – because life at Varicent is about building meaningful connections, appreciating each other and enjoying the journey.


Professional Development

We prioritize your professional development by offering tuition reimbursement and Ignite Days, empowering you to pursue further education and dedicate time to learning quarterly. We’re actively investing in our employees' success, fostering continuous learning and advancement within our vibrant culture of innovation.


Employee Resource Group

Varicent's Employee Resource Groups are vibrant communities fostering inclusion and diversity. Tailored to specific backgrounds and interests, they offer support, networking, and mentorship opportunities, empowering employees to thrive.



We believe in making a positive impact both inside and outside the office. Our volunteering program offers employees the opportunity to give back to their communities while fostering teamwork and personal growth.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Varicent, we believe differences are a source for knowledge, learning, and innovation. We are on a journey to becoming leaders in attracting, growing, and retaining exceptional talent from all groups and want to help other organizations on their journey as well.


Women @ Varicent

Varicent's Women Business Impact Group is dedicated to fostering an environment where every woman thrives and excels, offering leadership opportunities throughout our organization. By championing gender equity and inclusion, we empower women to contribute their diverse perspectives, enriching our collective success within Varicent and beyond.

EDGE Scholarship

Standing for Equity, Diversity, Growth, and Empowerment, the Varicent E.D.G.E. Scholarship is designed to support historically underrepresented communities pursuing post-secondary STEM-related studies.


Community Partnerships

Life @ Varicent

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Careers Blog

Explore Inspiring Career Journeys and Insider Tips from the Team at Varicent.

Women who Inspire - Gabrielle Doby, Regional Sales Manager

Gabrielle Doby, Regional Sales Manager, offers a candid glimpse into her career journey, valuable advice for women navigating our industry's landscape, and actionable strategies for promoting gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace in our newest video installment, "Women who Inspire." Dive deeper into her experiences and discover how they've shaped not just her approach to work, but her perspective on building inclusive environments.


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