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Bank On Exceeding Customer Expectations

Maneuver the growing demands from your customers with confidence as the new expectation for a hybrid service model in retail banking becomes the norm. Varicent Incentive Compensation Management removes friction from your compensation processes and empowers you to lead with data-driven decisions.

Changes and Challenges Are Adding Up

In the banking industry, your customers are more demanding, there is more regulatory scrutiny, and digital transformation has been a slow, difficult journey. In addition, it has never been harder to hire and retain quality talent in the face of the Great Resignation.

Compensation is Overly Complex

The many systems that involve incentive compensation are difficult to change and put pressure on scarce IT resources. The smallest adjustment requires you to make a business case for resources, time, and money.

Financial services sales rep navigating complex sales compensation tools
Financial services sales leader utilizing incentive compensation management tools

Technology is Stuck in the Past

Outdated and siloed technology and processes make managing regulatory requirements and ongoing changes difficult, time-consuming, error-prone, and costly.

Decisions Are Based on Gut, Not Insights

It is nearly impossible to feel confident in your changes to incentive compensation because too many of your decisions are based on static, tactical reports and rely on gut feel.

Financial services industry professional making changes to incentive compensation

Why Varicent
for the Financial Services Industry

Varicent enables businesses to continually refine and improve their sales strategies - plan, operate, pay, and strategize - to maximize revenues.

Varicent ICM can help you remove friction from the sales compensation process, improve incentive calculation, adapt your sales strategy to shifting business priorities, and enable your compensation admins. It can uncover new insights to incentivize the exact sales behaviors needed to not just drive-up total yield but outdo previous performance benchmarks.

Varicent ICM sales dashboardMask Group

Smiling financial sales professional

Full Transparency

With Varicent's single platform and transparent calculation engine, you can feel confident your compensation requirements can be met with full transparency, regardless of the size or complexity of your compensation initiatives.

Financial sales professional utilizing incentive compensation management software

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Varicent enables you to have a completely transparent, auditable, and traceable compensation process. This process can be changed to meet your regulatory needs, without compromising the ability to audit and view the payments.

Financial services professional making informed business decisions with the right sales compensation tools

Drive the Right Behavior

Connect the dots from incentives to advisor behavior, from compensation management to business strategies with Varicent's analytics models. Identify levers to outdo past performance and capitalize on the latest banking trends.

Varicent By The Numbers


80% reduction of time spent on auditing and compliance


90% improvement in payment accuracy


12.5% increase in sales productivity after implementation of SPM


65% reduction time spent on payout process and incentive calculation

Our Products

Our feature-rich, flexible and scalable suite of solutions enable you to pivot from processing incentive compensation to true Sales Performance Management.

Varicent Incentive Compensation Management dashboard desktop screenshot

Varicent Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) for Enterprise

Removes friction from the compensation process, accelerates the ability to make plan changes and adopt new strategies, and enables new insights to outdo previous performance.

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Varicent Concert dashboard desktop screenshot

Varicent Concert

Unlocks your team's productivity and performance with a better comp plan through the science of incentives and the psychology of commissions.

Learn More

Varicent Territory and Quota Planning dashboard desktop screenshot

Varicent Territory Quota Planning

Automates the mechanics of sales territory and quota planning. Take back lost time and focus on strategies to maximize revenue.

Learn More

Varicent Revenue Intelligence dashboard screenshot

Varicent Revenue Intelligence

Enhances your sales forecasts to discover opportunities earlier. Unlock a wide breadth of breakthrough revenue insights - from predictive forecasts to opportunity scoring and seller performance.

Learn More

Varicent Symon.AI dashboard screenshot

Varicent Symon.AI

Helps you find meaningful data patterns in complex sales systems so you can drive better business outcomes. Augmented Intelligence transforms your data into evidence.

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Trusted By Customers

We continue to enhance our client experience, along with our passion for providing innovative technology across Sales Performance Management programs. Meet our customers who have improved their sales strategies and commission management by using Varicent.

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"Despite having constrained resources, Varicent has allowed us to communicate with different teams and business partners effectively. It has also allowed us to meet the demands of regulations with the flexibility to change our reporting styles based on new requirements.”

Stephen Diederich,
Incentive Compensation and Governance Manager

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