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Technology will never move slower than it does today. To stay ahead of your competition, you need everyone to be focused on improving performance every day. Varicent simplifies complex compensation processes and empowers you to make data-driven decisions, while navigating change and updating your go-to-market strategy as needed.


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Varicent By The Numbers


65% of reps’ time, on average, is spent in non-revenue-generating activities


12.5% increase in sales productivity after implementation of SPM


60% reduction in shadow accounting


75% reduction of time spent on variable comp plan and rollout




Why Varicent

Varicent enables businesses to continually refine and improve their sales strategies to maximize revenues. Unlock actionable insights with data, speed up your processes and refine your compensation plans as you grow.





Offer your sales teams full transparency at work or on-the-go. Introduce workflows that enable quick issue resolution to improve your employee experience and retain your best talent.




Make quick and efficient changes, corrections, and adjustments and still close on time. Varicent's unique architecture combines data optimization with the most robust calculation engine for maximum speeds. Rapidly adapt to market situations and focus more on effective plan designs, so that you can get incentive components right the first time.




Develop intelligent reporting that helps you pivot in real-time without an advanced analytics degree. Mature your unique insights with predictive models and AI-powered recommendations to enable your decision-making to evolve as your business and market shift.

Trusted By Customers


We continue to enhance our client experience, along with our passion for providing innovative

technology across Sales Performance Management programs. Meet our customers who have

improved their sales strategies and commission management by using Varicent.


“We devote the same time period to developing our commission plans each year, but now we use that time so much more effectively. Rather than focusing on administration, we can direct more attention to strategy and innovation. We can easily launch new incentives across the organization, worldwide."


Thierry Casier

Sales Compensation Director, Colt Technologies

Meet Our Customers

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Our Solutions

Incentive Compensation

Remove friction from the compensation process, accelerates the ability to make plan changes and adopt new strategies. Enable new insights to outdo previous performance.

Sales Planning

Respond to rapid growth and change, and shorter planning cycles with smart and flexible planning. Accelerate design and allocation, and eliminate surprises.

Revenue Intelligence

Unlock a wide breadth of breakthrough revenue insights, from predictive forecasts to opportunity scoring and seller performance.


Find meaningful data patterns in complex sales systems so you can drive better business outcomes using augmented intelligence.

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