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Media and entertainment is no stranger to disruption. Varicent Incentive Compensation Management empowers you to pivot as your needs change, support your customers everywhere, and confidently lead your teams to achieve their best results.

Your Customers Are Changing
the Way They Buy

With the acceleration of digital media, your customers are changing the way they buy, and you must be ready to change on a dime.

Increased Complexity is a Cause of Concern

In media and entertainment, the many segments, geographies, verticals, and channels mean it is extraordinarily complex and time-consuming to understand team's or individual’s performance. The fallout is that your sales teams aren’t certain how much they will be paid, or even how they are paid. With growing complexity comes frustration and an increasing number of inquiries which distracts both the sales team as well as administrators from higher-value work.

Sales professional navigating increasing inquiries
Sales rep understanding incentive compensation offerings

Outdated Technology Slows Down Your Success

To move fast and keep up with change, you must launch new offerings regularly. Legacy tools and siloed processes make it difficult to keep incentive compensation tied to your offerings, ensure they drive the right behavior, and make it easy for your sales reps to understand.

Dispersed Data Makes Decision-Making a Challenge

When your data is scattered across your organization in many systems like finance and your bookings systems, creating insightful reports to help make decisions feels impossible. You are forced to rely on gut feel and static data but are nervous about your recommendations.

Financial team making data-driven decisions

Why Varicent
for the Media & Entertainment Industry

Varicent enables businesses to continually refine and improve their sales strategies - plan, operate, pay, and strategize - to maximize revenues.

Varicent ICM can help you remove friction from the sales compensation process, improve incentive calculation, adapt your sales strategy to shifting business priorities, and enable your compensation admins. It can uncover new insights to incentivize the exact sales behaviors needed to not just drive-up total yield but outdo previous performance benchmarks.

Media and entertainment professional pointing to sales dashboardMask Group

Man smiling over the full transparency using Varicent ICM

Full Transparency

With Varicent's single platform and transparent calculation engine, offer your sales associates full transparency at work or on the go. Use AI-powered chatbots that enable quick issue resolution to improve your employee experience and retain your best talent.

Woman making quick and effective changes to a sales dashboard with Varicent ICM

Make Changes Quickly

Make quick and effective changes, corrections, and adjustments with Varicent's unique architecture combining data optimization with the most robust calculation engine for maximum speeds. Rapidly adapt to market situations and spend more time on effective plan changes and roll out so that your sellers on the floor know exactly how to maximize their payout - and increase your sales.

Man creating insightful sales reports with Varicent ICM for the Insurance industry

Create Insightful Reports

Develop intelligent reporting that helps you stay ahead of your competition without an advanced reporting analytics degree. Mature your unique insights with predictive models and AI-powered recommendations to enable your decision-making to evolve as your business and market shift.

Varicent By The Numbers

75 per cent graphic

75% of sales reps missed their target last year

65 per cent graphic

65% of reps’ time, on average, is spent in non-revenue-generating activities

12.5 per cent graphic

12.5% increase in sales productivity after implementation of SPM

90 per cent bubble graphic

90% improvement in payment accuracy

Our Products

Our feature-rich, flexible and scalable suite of solutions enable you to pivot from processing incentive compensation to true Sales Performance Management.

Varicent ICM dashboard desktop screenshot

Varicent Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) for Enterprise

Removes friction from the compensation process, accelerates the ability to make plan changes and adopt new strategies, and enables new insights to outdo previous performance.

Learn More

Varicent Concert dashboard desktop screenshot

Varicent Concert

Unlocks your team's productivity and performance with a better comp plan through the science of incentives and the psychology of commissions.

Learn More

Varicent Territory and Quota Planning dashboard desktop screenshot

Varicent Territory Quota Planning

Automates the mechanics of sales territory and quota planning. Take back lost time and focus on strategies to maximize revenue.

Learn More

Varicent Revenue Intelligence dashboard desktop screenshot

Varicent Revenue Intelligence

Enhances your sales forecasts to discover opportunities earlier. Unlock a wide breadth of breakthrough revenue insights - from predictive forecasts to opportunity scoring and seller performance.

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Varicent Symon.AI dashboard desktop screenshot

Varicent Symon.AI

Helps you find meaningful data patterns in complex sales systems so you can drive better business outcomes. Augmented Intelligence transforms your data into evidence.

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Trusted By Customers

We continue to enhance our client experience, along with our passion for providing innovative technology across Sales Performance Management programs. Meet our customers who have improved their sales strategies and commission management by using Varicent.

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"Our sales force is happier because their performance now influences their commissions. It motivates them to find out what their customers need and sell them those service.”

Herwig Steinbrugger, Manager, Planning,
Steering and Monitoring Department,
HEROLD Business Data GmbH

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