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Media and entertainment is no stranger to disruption. Varicent empowers you to pivot as your needs change, support your customers everywhere, and confidently lead your teams to achieve their best results. With the acceleration of digital media, your customers are changing the way they buy, and you must be ready to change on a dime.


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Varicent By The Numbers


75% of sales reps

missed their target

last year


65% of reps’ time, on average, is spent in non-revenue-generating activities


12.5% increase in sales productivity after implementation

of SPM


90% improvement in payment accuracy


Media & Entertainment


Why Varicent

Our feature-rich, flexible and scalable suite of solutions enables you to pivot from processing incentive compensation to true Sales Performance Management.



Full Transparency


With Varicent's single platform and transparent calculation engine, offer your agents and sales associates full transparency at work or on-the-go. Use AI-powered chatbots to quickly resolve issues, improve your employee experience, and retain your best talent.


Meet Requirements


Make quick and effective changes, corrections, and adjustments and still close on time. Varicent's unique architecture combines data optimization with the most robust calculation engine for maximum speeds. Rapidly adapt to market situations and focus more on effective plan changes and roll out so that your sellers know exactly how to maximize their payout – and increase your sales.


Drive Behavior


Develop intelligent reporting that helps you stay ahead of your competition without an advanced analytics degree. Mature your unique insights with predictive models and AI-powered recommendations to enable your decision-making to evolve as your business and the market shifts.

Trusted By Customers


We continue to enhance our client experience, along with our passion for providing innovative

technology across Sales Performance Management programs. Meet our customers who have

improved their sales strategies and commission management by using Varicent.


"Our sales force is happier because their performance now influences their commissions. It motivates them to find out what their customers need and sell them those services.”


Herwig Steinbrugger

Manager, Planning, Steering and Monitoring Department,
HEROLD Business Data GmbH

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Our Solutions

Incentive Compensation

Remove friction from the compensation process, accelerates the ability to make plan changes and adopt new strategies. Enable new insights to outdo previous performance.

Sales Planning

Respond to rapid growth and change, and shorter planning cycles with smart and flexible planning. Accelerate design and allocation, and eliminate surprises.

Revenue Intelligence

Unlock a wide breadth of breakthrough revenue insights, from predictive forecasts to opportunity scoring and seller performance.


Find meaningful data patterns in complex sales systems so you can drive better business outcomes using augmented intelligence.

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