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Discover Varicent Incentives, the leading solution for empowering the insurance industry. Our platform optimizes producer engagement, fosters transparency, and drives business growth, all while ensuring seamless compliance. Unlock your full potential with Varicent Incentives.




Elevated Producer Engagement and Satisfaction

Drive engagement through a more rewarding and engaging experience for your producers through well-designed incentive programs and effective communication of performance and pay. Leading carriers have elevated the producer experience, resulting in better attraction and retention of top producers and improvements across key performance metrics.


Complete Reward Solution

Effortlessly manage your entire incentive programs while maintaining the flexibility to easily adapt to evolving market conditions. Varicent Incentives allows for intuitive management of incentive components including base commission, advances/chargebacks, supplemental reward, complex hierarchies, adjustment and more, ensuring your incentive strategies and processes remain complete, agile and responsive to dynamic market conditions.


Digital Transformation – Transition from Legacy Platforms

Replace outdated legacy incentive platforms and embrace a modern, comprehensive solution. Legacy systems often lead to high operating costs due to pre-processing and manual interventions. Varicent Incentives offers a flexible and inclusive platform, automating the entire incentives and reward process. From data pre-processing to managing intricate hierarchy and compensation rules to complex workflows and reporting, Varicent Incentives ensures automated efficiency, cost reduction, and adaptability to dynamic market needs, leading to a streamlined and optimized incentives and rewards solution.


Compliance and Auditability

Mitigate risks and streamline operations with a robust system that prioritizes compliance and simplifies audit processes. Ensure seamless adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements, reinforcing your operational efficiency and reducing costs.



Why Varicent

Varicent Incentives stands out as the go-to solution for insurance carriers aiming to optimize their business processes and elevate producer engagement. With its intuitive management of complex incentive programs, Varicent Incentives ensures a transparent and seamless experience for both carriers and producers.

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Effortlessly manage your incentive programs while staying adaptable to market dynamics. Varicent Incentives offers intuitive management of intricate incentive components, ensuring agility in your incentive strategies.

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Optimized Producer Experience

Offer your producers a transparent and seamless experience beyond standard payout reports. Provide comprehensive visibility into compensation details, fostering trust, and deepening engagement across your producer network.

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Comprehensive Incentive Coverage

Manage a diverse range of incentives, including bonuses, special arrangements, and supplemental compensations. Our platform enables you to design comprehensive incentives programs tailored to your business needs and the requirements of your producers.



Implement a comprehensive audit trail with complete traceability, tailored to meet the unique compliance requirements of the insurance industry. Ensure full compliance profiles and automated validation across the entire hierarchy, ensuring a streamlined and compliant operation.

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RegEd is a market-leading provider of RegTech enterprise solutions with relationships with more than 200 enterprise clients that represent 80% of the top 25 financial services firms. Established in 2000 by former regulators, the company is recognized for continuous regulatory technology innovation.


Trusted By Customers

Organizations worldwide consider Varicent Incentives one of the fastest, most flexible solutions in the market. We're a recognized leader in sales performance and sales compensation solutions, proudly enabling our customers to create a connected path to revenue.

“Reduced longstanding insurance company’s payout time by 45-60 days…Varicent named a leader in The Forrester Wave: Sales Performance Management™, Q1 2023.”




"Recognized with 2023, 2022, and 2021 G2 badges. Proud leaders in multiple categories including Sales Planning, Sales Compensation, and Sales Performance Management."


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    Varicent provides us with rich dashboard reporting so that we can manage our internal performance, and our brokers have the ability to manage the performance of their books as well.

    Paul Fast
    Manager, Executive Office Business Development,
    Wawanesa Insurance

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Varicent Incentives for streamlined management of complex incentives, fostering transparent and engaging experiences for insurance carriers and producers alike. Elevate your operations with robust compliance support, ensuring optimal revenue generation and sustainable growth.

Sales Planning

Varicent Sales Planning helps companies optimize territory and quota design and allocation, enhance account and market segmentation, and facilitate account scoring. This supports increased efficiency, precise targeting, and ultimately, higher performance, enabling insurers to better align their resources and time, and maximize revenue growth.

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