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Let predictive analytics help you prioritize opportunities, create more accurate sales forecasts and more. Automate your analysis with easy-to-use apps and blueprints to get you to the best insights and winning execution faster – all without the need for data scientists.

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Opportunity Scores

Get a clear picture of what it takes to win an opportunity and what winning an opportunity looks like.

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Discounting Diagnostics

Get the full picture of your discounting practices so you know where discounting is necessary and where it is not.

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Customer Lifetime Value

Which customers are likely to develop into the best opportunities for growth and longevity? Discover where to direct your best-selling efforts.

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Deal Value Changes

Get insight into any deal value changes across your lead sources so you can better predict which opportunities will close and what the associated deal value will be for each.

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Lead Scoring

See how your pipeline data can help you predict which new leads will convert to an opportunity.

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Seller Performance

Learn which sellers are leading and perform diagnostics to better understand why they’re performing well.

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Sales Forecasting

Build forecasts for recurring revenue—by customer and product—into the future.

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Seller Churn

Compare your sellers’ likelihood to churn with their production so you can focus retention efforts on high producers who are likely to churn.

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Customer Churn

Create customer segments and gain insight into their likelihood to churn.

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Financial Advisor Productivity Ramp

Let your data reveal when Financial Advisors become proficient and what drives turnover.

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