Create Predictable
Growth with Revenue Intelligence



Improve sales execution and go-to-market efficiencies with predictive insights.
Cut the manual toil, data silos, and information overload to uncover the answers

to your most important revenue questions.



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1-RI _Create Predictable Growth with Revenue Intelligence_
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Improve Sales Performance with Data-Driven Insights

How Are All Channels
Tracking Towards Targets?

Real-time Visibility into Revenue and Gap-to-Quota

  • Merge ANY data on your customers, buyers, sellers, products, opportunities, from any source to create a single source of truth across all functions and channels.

  • Track quota attainment by channel, territory, products, seller, partners, and more. 

  • Empower your Analysts and ‘Excel Pros’ with an easy-to-use data and analytics platform. Cut their manual data work to get your answers faster!

2-RI _Real-time Visibility_

Where Will We Land?
What are the Quick Wins?

Accurate Sales Forecasts and Granular Insights to Expand and Accelerate Pipeline

  • Forecast by sales and inventory as well as channel, product, territory, and opportunity …  in first week of quarter!

  • Back your intuition and your team’s commit with predictive insights.

  • Zero-in on revenue ‘hot-spot’ gaps and opportunities to prioritize.

  • Proactively address customer churn risk.

3-RI _Accurate Sales Forecasts_

How Should We
Prioritize Time and Spend?

Predict ROI From Go-To-Market Activities to Prioritize Resources

  • Use ‘What-if’ modeling to predict outcomes from sales and marketing. Prioritize time, effort, and money to accelerate growth.

  • Set your sellers up for success with fair distribution of high-value accounts.

  • Focus BDRs and Sales on high-quality leads that are most likely to convert.

  • Identify high-yield demand generation activities to focus Marketing efforts.

4-RI _Predict ROI from_

How Can We Improve
Team Productivity?

Uplevel Coaching
with Actionable Insights. Keep an Eye on Attrition Risk.

  • Track individual seller performance towards quota.

  • Identify success indicators and best practices to improve efficiency.

  • View outliers and trends to take team coaching beyond ‘Do more!’

  • Predict ramp and attrition to plan ahead.

5-RI _Uplevel Coaching_


No-Code Data & AI Workbench
To Uplevel Your Analytics


6-RI _No-Code Data & AI Workbench To Uplevel Your Analytics_

   Break-down Data Silos by connecting ANY DATA from

     ANYWHERE.  See all integration connectors


   Cut manual effort and error with automated data



  Speed-up ad-hoc analysis with drag-n-drop UI.

•    Re-shape and transform data for your business with

      flexible blueprints, workbench, & dashboards.


•   Back your intuition with data using ‘explainable AI’. Go

     with our recommended algorithms or ‘AutoML’ options.

     Tweak for your business dynamics.


Blueprints & Connectors To Accelerate Your Time to Value

Bring in Any Data from Anywhere with Connectors & Easy Integrations

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Microsoft Dynamics_Desktop
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Solution Features

Jump-start Your Data-Driven Transformation with Out-Of-Box Blueprints.



Predict where your pipeline will land - by opportunity, product, territory etc.

Opportunity Scores

Discover the state of each opportunity and what it will take to close them.

Deal Value Changes

Factor in deal value changes to see how that impacts opportunity.

Discounting Diagnostics

Identify neccessary discounts by
analyzing discounting practices.

Lead Scoring

Identify the leads with highest likelihood to convert to focus your seller's efforts

Customer Lifetime Value

Identify potential expansion opportunities amongst customers

Seller Capacity

Predict a new seller's potential and their trajectory to hit numbers.

Financial Advisor Turnover

Predict turnover and revenue loss to prioritize retention efforts.

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