Educational Services

Training for compensation administrators and users designed to get you started and comfortable with configuring and using Varicent.

The adoption of the Varicent solution is critical to a successful customer implementation and go-live.

This is why our educational tracks and training curriculums ensure you get up and running successfully, and become self-sufficient within Varicent in a time-efficient manner.

Our team of training professionals is dedicated to developing and delivering training solutions that follow best practices in educational design and learning. They have deep product knowledge and stay current on new features and capabilities so you and your organization can transition to Varicent smoothly and adopt your SPM solution into your daily routine.

Learning Options

Varicent Education courses come in many formats, depending on the best delivery method for the content.

Web Based Training (WBT)

For customers who enjoy learning and educating at your own pace, visit the Varicent Customer Learning Portal to access our eLearning Education program. This portal also includes our How-To video collection, and our team is busy at work creating robust WBT course offerings.
Web Based Training
Instructor Led

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

As the name implies, ILT courses are led by a Varicent expert, and offered on-site at your location, in Toronto at our head office, and virtually through video conferencing. ILT courses combine theory and hands-on practice within the Varicent solution. The interactive Demonstrations and Exercises illustrate key concepts while teaching product use, so students can apply concepts learned to their own Varicent implementations.

Contact your Customer Success Manager or to book your ILT training.

Self-Paced Virtual Training (SPV)

These courses use the same materials as our ILT classes, minus the instructor. Materials include the course Student Guide, and a training environment in which to complete the course’s hands-on activities. Students are given 24/7 access to their training environment for 30 days.

Contact your Customer Success Manager or to book your SPV training.


Course Descriptions


Building the Model

Duration: 4 days
Learning options: Instructor-Lead Training, Self- Paced Virtual Learning

Building the Model (v10) teaches students the fundamentals of building a Varicent model. Students will learn to customize a Varicent model by creating tables, calculations, components, and data stores. Training demonstrations and exercises simulate a real-world implementation to enable students to apply concepts learned to their own Varicent implementations. The last day of class is spent working on a case study, where students will work in groups of 3-4 to design and build model objects that will calculate commissions earned for two fictional groups of employees. At the end of this course, clients should be able to use all the basic functions of the software.

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Building Reports

Duration: 2.5 days
Learning options: Instructor-Lead Training, Self- Paced Virtual Learning

Building Reports (v10) is designed for professional report authors to learn report building techniques using Varicent to enhance, customize, and manage professional reports. Attendees will participate in interactive Demonstrations and Exercises that illustrate key concepts while learning how to use the product.

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