Educational Services


Training for compensation administrators and users designed to get you started and comfortable with your Varicent solution.


The adoption of the Varicent solution is critical to a successful customer

implementation and go-live. This is why our educational tracks and training curriculums ensure you get up and running successfully, and become self-sufficient within Varicent in a time-efficient manner.

Our team of training professionals is dedicated to developing and delivering training solutions that follow best practices in educational design and learning. They have deep product knowledge and stay current on new features and capabilities so you and your organization can transition to Varicent smoothly and adopt your solution into your daily routine.

Training Modalities


All our training offerings are intended for Comp Admins and IT, including

implementers. End user training for Sales Reps, Managers, and Executives

using Sales Portal is done by the customer.


Digital Course


Video-based training answering the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of Varicent software. Includes theory, product demonstrations, and quizzes. Any hands-on practice is completed outside of the course.


Self-paced Virtual


Combines theory and hands-on practice within the Varicent solution. The interactive Demonstrations and Exercises illustrate key concepts while teaching product use, so students can apply concepts learned to their own Varicent implementations. The intended audience is those that will be involved in designing and/or configuring their ICM model during implementation and ongoing changes/additions.


How to Videos


Just-in-time training, these short videos show the student how
to complete a task within the software. These videos answer the question of ‘How?’. Videos are organized into collections of videos related to the same functionality.




Shows mastery of Varicent ICM and is awarded after passing
the technical exam. The certification audience is highly technical and has extensive experience designing and implementing ICM solutions.


Training Paths


Our training paths combine the different modalities. A training path typically starts with digital courses so the student can learn the underlying theory and watch the product in action. At the appropriate time the student will then move into an SPV course, where they will get hands-on practice within the Varicent software. This cycle may be repeated multiple times depending upon the job role of the student. How to Videos may appear at the end of a training path, once the student is already familiar with the product’s underlying theory and functionality.


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FAQs from Customers

Do you have end user training for our Sales Reps and their managers?

As every customer’s Sales Portal reports are unique, our learning portal does not offer Sales Reps / Sales Manager training. You can talk with your CSM about customized Sales Portal training.

How do I purchase training?

The majority of our training offerings are free to our existing customers’ Comp Admins and IT folks. For our paid offerings, you can purchase them from within the learning portal using your credit card, or through your CSM on a Training Order Form.

How do I register for the certification exam?

You can purchase them from within the learning portal using your credit card, or through your CSM on a Training Order Form.

How do I get a receipt for my learning portal course or exam purchase?

PayPal provides receipts which include the Varicent logo and addressing information when you purchase a course or exam.

How do I get more information about Varicent product training?

Please email