How to Create Better Comp Plans in 2023

Business have been through some wild times in recent years, and the turbulence caused by market factors, new business priorities, evolving buyer preferences, and the economy isn’t expected to let up any time soon.

Sales teams are the first to feel the pain of this market. In fact, quota attainment is expected to drop even more from last year.

Want to know how to create better comp plans in 2023?

In Varicent’s fourth annual report with Modern Sales Pros, we share tips on smarter quota setting, with an emphasis on going back-to-basics with sales planning to make sure you're assigning territories and quotas correctly and focusing your comp investment on the levers that drive performance.

By downloading the report, you will learn the latest benchmark statistics from fellow sales professionals, understand new ways to motivate sellers, and understand how to leverage these findings in your 2023 strategies.

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