Varicent helps clients accurately track, manage and report on sales processes through our industry-leading Sales Performance Management solution.
Performance Dashboard
Sales Performance Management

With a single solution that manages sales compensation programs, data and processes, organizations are able to significantly reduce administration costs and drive profitable sales and revenue.

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Compensation Statement
Incentive Compensation Plans

Create and manage better incentive compensation plans that motivate and drive the right sales behaviors that align with your organization's objectives.

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Product-Main - Territory
Territory Management

Assign and manage your sales territory coverage to ensure that you are capturing full market opportunity and potential while optimizing  customer acquisition and revenue.

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Product-Main - Quota
Quota Management

Set fair and equitable sales quotas based on historical performance, market opportunity and potential, sales capacity and organizational growth.

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Product-Main - Integration
Augmented Intelligence

Varicent includes an Augmented Intelligence (AI) technology built on Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) that provide easy-to-use advanced analytics to business users and data analysts.

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Product-Main - Integration

Integrate Varicent with any other enterprise solution to centralize data and business processes.

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