The Ultimate Guide to Sales Comp 

    Monday, December 6th | 2:00PM ET | 11:00AM PT

    Stuck on how to choose the right compensation plan for your business model? Need the basics on payout rates and earnings criteria? Unsure if you’re accidentally opening your company to potential lawsuits?

    From basic comp math to legal compliance, there are a lot of moving parts to get right, and sometimes, you just feel like a cog in the comp plan machine. The Ultimate Guide to Sales Comp will walk you through the steps to move your comp planning process forward faster.

    In this session, we'll be diving into the following topics:

    • The basics of how compensation is supposed to work & what the right plan is for you
    • Different comp plan structures for different business models
    • Nailing down the technical words and phrases of compensation planning
    • The 411 on legal compliance - understanding the basics of compliance and ensuring you're legally sound.


    • Sanj Sanampudi, General Manager - Varicent Concert

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