Modern Sales Pros: Where have all the sellers gone? How to attract and retain your most valuable asset


Let’s face it – attracting and retaining sellers has always been more of an art than a science.

What’s causing change?

For companies looking to hire sales professionals, the “great sabbatical” paired with the exit of the baby boomers from the market have created a new kind of void.This void, combined with the sheer cost to revenue of voluntary turnover and hiring has brought hiring sales organizations to a near-crisis.Now, employers are turning to science and best practice experience to solve the problem created by this candidate void and avoid turnover costs.There is a better way to leverage technology, your data and access best practices to drive better quality hiring, ways to ensure your sellers have what they need to be successful, and create a culture of transparency that breeds retention.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Voluntary Turnover – why it deserves a deeper look
  • What works and does NOT work when recruiting sellers?
  • Why your sales tech stack matters
  • How incentive compensation management as a part of your tech stack can aid in building a culture you’ve only dreamed about

Panelists and moderators:

  • Jacklyn Lane, Product Marketing Manager, Varicent
  • Brad Burnaman, Sales Leader, Blue Horizons Group
  • Jordana Matsos, Founder, Hirequity Recruitment Agency