Achieving Profitable and Predictable Revenue Growth: 5 Rules for Success


A recent Gartner CEO survey highlighted that revenue growth continues to be the number one priority for most CEOs. Followed closely by the continued use of technology to optimize business processes to free the time and skill of sales professionals so they can focus on deepening customer relationships and, at the same time, deal with inflation and rising costs.

As the adoption of data science to transform, amplify, and scale business capabilities continues its importance, we hosted a fireside chat to discuss:

  • How to drive revenue growth, technology investment, data science adoption, and workforce development
  • What profitable and predictable revenue success looks like
  • How organizations are already, or in the process of, leveraging these strategies

Senior Manager of Finance at PepsiCo, Ken Albano, and Varicent’s Chief Revenue Scientist and published author of Breakthrough: A Growth Revolution, Martin Fleming.

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