How to Dramatically Boost Sales with a Data-Driven Sales Comp Plan

Recent data suggests that most companies rate their sales compensation plans as effective, however, a closer look reveals that their salespeople struggle with reaching quota and they have trouble with retaining top performers.

The solution? A new, data-driven sales compensation approach.

Meet your world-class webinar leaders:
Rachel Parrinello, Sales Compensation Practice Leader at the Alexander Group
Scott Barton, VP Industry Solutions for Varicent

Rachel and Scott will share a three-level framework for building a data-driven sales compensation plan that will help you be more confident and efficient with creating a winning comp plan that will consistently grow your sales.

During this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to align your comp plan with your sales goals and business strategies.
  • How to leverage internal pay, performance, and operational data analytics.
  • How to consider external pay, performance, and operational market practices.


  • Scott Barton is a Vice President with Varicent, a leading provider of incentive compensation and revenue growth software applications. For over 25 years Scott has helped design and manage incentive compensation programs and related initiatives to support revenue growth.
  • Rachel Parrinello is a Principal and the sales compensation practice leader for the Alexander Group, Inc., a management consulting firm. She joined AGI in 1999 and focuses on solutions to help clients achieve profitable revenue growth through sales job design, compensation program design, and quota management.

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