How Do You Get Rid of Compensation Drama?

65% of sellers' time is spent on non-revenue-generating activities.

Instead of focusing on driving a sale forward, your seller can become distracted with shadow accounting or fixing a commission discrepancy. Varicent is uniquely positioned to enable you to diagnose and resolve compensation issues and drama at the source.

Identify the source of your comp drama

Many compensation questions effectively push a "pause" button on business, which quickly turns into a storm of unproductive activity that can include:

  • Compensation administrators reprioritizing work to investigate
  • Leaders having to quickly diffuse disgruntled employees
  • Sellers fiddling with their own calculations - taking them away from revenue-generating work

The unfortunate downstream effect of this drama can include mounting frustration, communication breakdown, and even employee turnover.

Reduce friction from the compensation process

  1. Visualize and control all rules and data from one place

Transparent rules and an open data model provides easy insight into transaction information. Alternatives like summary reports and step-by-step calculation review enables you to solve the problem at source.

  1. Get answers fast from "Ask Varicent"

Varicent ICM includes an AI-powered chatbot called "Ask Varicent" which delivers instant, self-service answers. Make sellers your priority; have the most common questions answered quickly and save time for administrators, sellers, and leaders.

  1. Resolve data issues proactively using augmented intelligence

Augmented intelligence automatically validates data during ingestion and spots outliers for deeper analysis. You can feel confident that there won't be a hidden issue you'll have to mediate later.

With Varicent Incentive Compensation Management, you will remove friction from the compensation process and, as a result, you will:

  • Reduce inquiries and respond faster
  • Eliminate "shadow accounting" and related drama
  • Keep everyone focused on higher-value work