Increase accuracy, reduce costs, and drive sales performance

Varicent ICM is a single location where sellers, managers, and leadership can administer, distribute, and plan compensation accurately and effectively.

Incentive Compensation Management

What is ICM?

Incentive Compensation Management leverages technology to automate the entire compensation process including data collection, compensation calculation and commission statement distribution.

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How can Varicent help?

Build confidence within your sales force, reduce overpayment or underpayment of commissions, and pay sellers accurately and on time with Varicent ICM.

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Reduce time spent on implementation and rollout of variable compensations plans by


Reduce time spent on the payout process by


Reduce time spent on auditing and compliance by


Improve accuracy of payments by


Reduce shadow accounting by



Automate commission calculations and manage complex compensation rules. Ultimately enabling organizations to plan for timely and accurate changes that affect sellers and sales leadership.

Improve accuracy and visibility in compensation management with ICM's workflow manager and scheduler.

Accurate Payouts

Improve the accuracy, auditability, and visibility in compensation management by eliminating manual splits, reassignments, and other exceptions. Our solution’s Workflow Manager & Scheduler automate the process of identifying exceptions and calculates commissions accordingly. As a result, organizations can validate payouts, reducing commission overpayments and disputes.

Robust Planning

Leverage Varicent ICM to model compensation plans and understand the financial impact of changes. With the ability to more accurately forecast commission payouts with “what-if” assumptions, you can budget more effectively for sales compensation costs, manage target total compensation for sales representatives and assess plan effectiveness.

Leverage Varicent ICM to accurately forecast commission payouts and model compensation plans.
Detailed presenter structured and presenter adaptive reports with Varicent Incentive Compensation Management.

Reports & Dashboards

Varicent ICM’s Sales Portal capture your data for enhanced reporting capabilities. Our Presenter Structured reports captures large transactional volumes and displays them for managers to understand payouts by deal. Managers can use Presenter Structured for approval processes, reviewing rankings, and understanding the effectiveness of territories to align with plans. Presenter Adaptive reports seamlessly share consumable information through charts, graphs, and interactive displays and promote desired sales behavior.

Territory and Quota Management (TQM)

No two territory and quota plans are alike, making them challenging to manage. Our Territory and Quota Management capabilities are built into Varicent ICM, so any changes to territories and quotas are automatically updated in your incentive compensation calculations, enabling businesses of all sizes to set up, manage and plan your territories and quotas based on your unique requiremens.

Territory and quota management capabilities are built into Varicent Incentive Compensation Management.
Varicent's Symon.Ai integrates with Varicent ICM for improved sales performance management.

Leverage Your ICM Data to Make Better Revenue & Operations Decisions

Varicent’s Symon.AI integrates with Varicent ICM seamlessly for improved sales performance management. Leverage the predictive modelling capabilities to solve your business problems with ease.

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