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Revenue Operations Self-Assessment Tool

Our Revenue Operations Self-Assessment Tool assesses improvements in your RevOps. Receive customized feedback & dynamic insights to improve your organization!

Revenue Operations Self-Assessment Tool

Driven by changing business models, organizations are recognizing the value of taking a more comprehensive approach to managing all sources of revenue, instead of just direct sales.

Revenue operations is emerging as an important component that provides the processes, metrics, and reporting to ensure alignment across all the teams involved in an organization’s focus on customer retention, expansion, and new sales. To support these efforts, organizations are looking to new tools and platforms that enable a complete view of revenue operations, from lead to close, onboarding, renewal, and expansion as part of the ongoing customer journey.

Free Tool to Diagnose Your Revenue Operations

This free Ventana Research Self-Assessment tool examines your use of tools and applications, as well as the processes in place within your organization to identify and deploy improvements in revenue operations technology.

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