The Renaissance of Revenue Forecasting: Harness Technology to Improve Accuracy and Deliver Revenue Intelligence

It's Not Enough to Only Know the Predicted Sales Amount

"To forecast accurately, combining judgment and AI-based results, forecasting processes and technology need to maximize the use of data."
- Stephen Hurrell, VP & Research Director at Ventana Research

There was a time when forecasting sales and revenue was all about rolling up your team's numbers and modifying it based on your intuition and experience. A new era of selling demands a new way of helping your team hit their quotas. How? By better understanding your buyers through the collection of data from multiple touchpoints, both internal and external, to gain insight on their propensity to buy, as well as understanding the many channels for revenue potential. In other words, it begins with a data-driven approach to growing your revenue predictably with Revenue Intelligence.

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  • What is Revenue Intelligence? And the latest trends impacting revenue growth.
  • Why Revenue Intelligence is crucial to surviving in the modern era of sales.
  • An iterative approach to begin your data-driven Revenue Intelligence journey.

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