Varicent for Data Sheet

Detailed description covering Varicent's features, including Incentive Compensation, Territory and Quota Management.

Varicent is a powerful solution to manage sales compensation, optimize territories and set accurate quotas. Unlike traditional manual or spreadsheet-based solutions, Varicent solutions provide speed, flexibility and visibility to dramatically increase the efficiency and ease of administering variable compensation programs while providing true, in-depth insight into identifying and capturing revenue opportunities.

To provide a more seamless experience to sales representatives, Varicent is embedded within so that business users can access personalized compensation details and commission statements, in addition to up-to-date customer relationship management (CRM) information, in a single screen.

Business Benefits

  • Reduce cost of commissions and eliminate wasted spend
  • Increase selling time and drive additional revenue
  • Unlock the untapped potential of sales with AI and Analytics


  • Personalized commission statements
  • Electronic plan approvals and sign-offs
  • Automated inquiry and dispute resolution
  • Plan modeling and forecasting
  • Graphical compensation plan design
  • Sales performance analytics and reporting



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