James Mulligan

Head of Incentives, Product Marketing

James Mulligan is the Head of Incentives, Product Marketing at Varicent, starting his career with Varicent Software in 2006, as a Business Consultant. James’ versatility and experience have led him to hold many roles across his Varicent career including building out the Varicent Training organisation, being the first “boots on the ground” in Europe, and multiple sales roles from services to pre-sales and sales manager. After a brief stint away from Varicent to explore other opportunities, James returned in July of this year to lead our Go to Market function, to support in bringing all of the new and innovative technology that our teams have been producing to our clients.

Outside of work, James is still true to his Canadian roots and enjoys playing Ice Hockey. He has played all over Europe including Latvia, Estonia, Serbia, Netherlands, and many others. Conversely, he has adapted well to his new British home, playing football (the proper stuff) and cricket – although the latter has been heavily reduced due to him spending time with his new son, Charles.

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