New Year, New Comp Plans Webinar

Your employees stick around for many reasons, one of the most important being compensation. It's time to refresh your compensation plans! As a revenue leader, you're juggling a lot between market rates, SPIFs, equity refreshes, and bonuses (the list goes on).

Watch this webinar and learn the levers these revenue leaders pull to get 90%+ of their team hitting 100% OTE. Plus, get insights on the best ways to communicate sales comp plan changes and how often is too often for updates.


  • Yoni Rouache, Vice President of Sales, Varicent
  • Will Foley, Vice President of Revenue Operations
  • Ang McManamon, Vice President of Sales, Crunchbase
  • Ned Leutz, Vice President, Emerging Products, ZoomInfo

Watch now and skyrocket your comp plans for 2022.