Metrics for TQP in the New Normal - Webinar

Spe*Large companies are more likely to have already returned to at least 70% of 2019 levels of travel & 46.5% expect to return to this level in the next six months. Knowing this, how has your territory and quota planning (TQP) changed?

Varicent's Chief Revenue Scientist, Martin Fleming, has conducted some stellar research on the current state of TQP and challenges going into the "new normal". In this webinar, Martin shares the key metrics and insights from his research and best practices for using this data to your advantage.

In this session, we'll be diving into the following topics:

  • The difference in TQP for B2B and B2C companies
  • How to think about TQP as a sales leader (from bottom-up perspectives and beyond)
  • Designing territories for territory balance vs stable counter relations
  • Evaluating satisfaction and ways to improve

*According to the April 2021 Varicent Whitepaper


  • Martin Fleming, Chief Revenue Scientist, Varicent