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Women who Inspire - Gabrielle Doby, Regional Sales Manager

Gabrielle Doby, Regional Sales Manager, offers a candid glimpse into her career journey, valuable advice for women navigating our industry's landscape, and actionable strategies for promoting gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace in our newest video installment, "Women who Inspire." Dive deeper into her experiences and discover how they've shaped not just her approach to work, but her perspective on building inclusive environments.

Women in Technology, A Leader’s Advice - Maggie Calle

Discover valuable career advice from Maggie Calle, Chief Information Security Officer at Varicent, as she shares her journey and tips for women in technology. Learn about her milestones, leadership...


A Day in The Life – Pratik Mujumdar, Customer Success Manager

Explore Pratik Mujumdar's journey to Varicent, his typical day as a Customer Success Manager, challenges he's tackling, projects he's proud of, and what makes working at Varicent unique. Gain...


A Day in The Life: Cindy Xu, Senior Software Developer at Varicent

Explore Cindy Xu's transition from mechanical engineering to software development at Varicent. Learn about her daily routine, the challenges she tackles, her proud achievements, and her advice for...