A Day in The Life: Connor Siebenaler, Senior Associate Seller at Varicent

1. Describe your journey to Varicent; What work did you pick and why ? 

I was drawn to Varicent by its reputation as the leader in innovation in the sales performance management space. Working as a Sales Development Rep (Associate Seller), I chose this role because it sits at the intersection of technology and customer engagement, which are areas I'm passionate about. Varicent offered me the opportunity to help businesses unlock their full potential through our cutting-edge solutions.

2. Describe a typical day in your role?

My day is dynamic and client-focused, but it's also always different which I love. It begins with strategizing outreach to potential prospects and analyzing intent, followed by connecting through calls and emails to better understand their challenges. I spend a significant part of my day experimenting with messaging and account research to build value when trying to solve complex sales compensation, data preparation, and sales planning issues for companies and prospects I connect with, topped with collaborating with the team and leadership to refine our approach. 

3. Tell us about a challenge that you’re working to solve right now?

Currently, I'm focused on building a strong pipeline by honing in on crucial sales planning challenges that businesses encounter. The goal is to develop strategies that effectively communicate Varicent's capabilities in transforming these challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency. This initiative aims to fortify our team's ability to help companies navigate and optimize their sales performance management processes as a whole, end-to-end.

4. What is one thing that you have worked on that you’re really proud of? 

One thing I'm incredibly proud of is my work integrating and utilizing gen-ai into my daily process. Not only has it revolutionized my personal efficiency, but it's also transformed our sales development strategies throughout our Associate Seller Team. I've shared these AI-powered methods with our entire SDR team, leading to an upcoming presentation for the Account Executives. This innovation is pinpointing business issues and tailoring our outreach to specific industries, setting a new efficiency benchmark at Varicent.

5. In your words, what makes working at Varicent unique?

Varicent stands out because of its culture of innovation and collaboration. Here, ideas are valued from all levels, and we’re empowered to take ownership of our work. It’s an environment where challenge meets support, driving us to shape the future of SPM. 

6. What advice do you have for women looking at joining the tech industry? 

Be bold and assertive. The tech industry thrives on innovation, which comes from diverse perspectives. Your unique view is valuable. Network within the community, find mentors and never shy away from contributing your ideas. One motto that I live by is "You will never know if you don't ask or try!” 

7. Which of our values do you relate to the most and why? 

The value I resonate with most is Innovation. It's a catalyst for growth and improvement, both personally and for the business. Embracing creativity and being forward-thinking in solving complex problems is what keeps us ahead of the curve. This approach has shaped my journey with Varicent, especially in leveraging AI tools to enhance our sales strategies. It fuels my passion for continuous learning and implementing cutting-edge solutions.