Reminiscing the Inaugural Elevate 2021, and What to Expect This Year

As we commence planning for Varicent Elevate 2022, I have reflected on our inaugural event from 2021, reviewing the amazing feedback from our customers and the wider community.

There were a few moments that stood out in my mind, that will shape Elevate 2022. Here are my favourite moments from Varicent Elevate 2021, and what to expect this year: 

The People  

Our CMO Marcus Hearne said it best: our connection to people is what makes us different. We had the rare opportunity of bringing our team, customers, and other stakeholders together for the first time, in person. While the event was hosted in London, we had over 100 attendees visiting from the UK, Canada, USA, and Europe. There is something to be said about human interaction beyond a screen.  

For Elevate 2022, we want to increase that connection. We’re bringing in more Varicent teammates, customers, and partners from all over in one epic location.  

A Decade with Pitney Bowes 

Those who attended will recall Andrew Small from Pitney Bowes joined us at the Elevate stage. Pitney Bowes is one of our longest-standing customers. It was amazing to sit down with Andrew and share insights on how Pitney Bowes leverages Varicent for access, security, report building, and more.  

Andrew shared how Varicent's solutions have helped their incentive plans for different regions. He also explained how our ICM solution has played a huge role in automating processes to reorganize teams, and gaining efficiency across the globe.  

I’m excited to have more customers join us on the Elevate stage in 2022. By sharing their stories, I feel our community always benefits from the learnings of one another.


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Our Celebrity Guests Jonny Wilkinson and Georgie Barrat 

The day wouldn’t have been complete without our celebrity guests, Georgie Barrat and Jonny Wilkinson. We select our speakers and presenters to share unique and not always ICM-related perspectives to enable a complete and balanced event. 

Our host, Georgie Barrat, is a technology journalist, broadcaster, and presenter. At the beginning of 2017, she joined The Gadget Show’s new presenting line-up and has spent the past four years testing and reporting on the latest consumer technology. In 2019 Georgie also presented the BBC’s FIA Formula E’s Championship coverage. Her industry knowledge and commanding presence elevated the day and banter kept the guests entertained.   

Our attendees had the opportunity to meet the legend that is Jonny Wilkinson. Having the opportunity to bring my two worlds together was such a rare opportunity and one that can only happen at an event like Elevate.  

“Preparation is performance. Performance is preparation.” These words Jonny shared with us at Elevate have stuck with me and relate to how we manage compensation and sales planning.  

 Elevate wouldn’t be Elevate without a little star power. In 2022, who will be our celebrity guest? Keep an eye out and be in mind it will be of interest to many!

Sales Planning  

With the market consistently shifting, organisations are thinking about goal setting and how to retain employees. Our sales leaders James Mulligan and Zach Burnett chatted at Elevate about our Sales Planning solution and how our customers can use it for their advantage.  

As leaders begin their sales planning process, they must take their go-to market strategy and invest their time in specific places. Varicent’s Sales Planning is a centralised source that uses historical data to ensure you can accurately assign quotas that prevent seller churn and discover the right territories to focus on. We demonstrated that Sales Planning is easy to use and allows for better assessments of an organisation’s potential. With the forever-changing economic situation across the globe planning is only going to become more pivotal to businesses, so I am excited to share how Sales Planning can support organisations today and in the future.

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Making Plans to See You All Again!  

Varicent Elevate 2021 was truly a success and a highlight of my year! From the informative sessions to great networking opportunities, it was an event I will never forget. I expect Elevate 2022 to be bigger and better, with more opportunities for people to share, learn and engage with the wider SPM community. This year, it will be held on the 20th of October, 2022 at The Langham Hotel.

There are limited spaces - be sure to register early so you don't miss out.

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