Varicent Concert’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide




To relieve the stress of holiday shopping for your co-workers, we’ve curated the best sales-commission-related gifts to help you check off everyone on your list. These hand-picked selections will educate and entertain even the hardest-to-shop-for sales comp person in your life!


For the Sellers

Who still don’t have their comp plan document:

Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Look, price upon request

The year is almost over, and you have that rep who still doesn’t have a comp plan. They may have no idea where they’re going (much like Kim at the Met Gala) but at least they will look fierce.


Spot Recreation of Kim Kardashian Met Gala OutfitImage Source: 

Who finds all your math errors:

Dear Holmes Mystery Packages, starting at $59.99

If this person can untangle your crazy spreadsheets, this at-home game will only strengthen their detective skills.


Dear Holmes mystery packagesImage Source: Dear Holmes 

Who are completely burned out:

Guided Goal Visualization, free!

With the added pressure of hitting quota on top of blurred boundaries between home and work, it’s no wonder employee burnout is so high! Find a comfortable seat, turn up the volume, and settle in for 9 minutes.

Varicent Concert's guided meditation on SoundCloud
For the Sales Leaders

Who try to solve everything with comp:

Blackpink Trading Cards, $20

Clearly, your sales leader is into fads, so why not buy into one of the biggest global fads of the season: K Pop trading cards. This Blackpink Trading Card set is the perfect entry point for a trend follower and the perfect complement to the collection of any Blink (Blackpink stan!

Blackpink Trading cards from Merchbar

Image Source: Merchbar


Who love leaderboards and competitions:

Lacoste Sport Tracksuit, $299

Research shows leaderboards don’t work; but, if your sales leader is all about competition, they will certainly love this tracksuit. Have them wear it to your Sales Kick-Off and get the team in the Squid Game spirit. Warning: You should draw the line before organ harvesting.

Squid Game Green TracksuitImage Source: Imdb

Who are designing next year’s comp plan structure:

Varicent Concert’s 2022 Comp Plan Guide, free!

What are the two big trends of 2021? The Great Resignation is happening and quota attainment is at new lows. We saw this as a clear message- the way we all approach sales compensation plans needs to change! Our 3rd annual sales comp and benchmarking report gives tips on smarter quota setting, paying on activities, and focused reporting, which will help you move the comp planning process forward faster. (And hopefully, give everyone time to disconnect over the holidays and recharge!)

Find out how to do all of this in our free guide, or book a demo to see how our platform can help!

Download Varicent Concert's guide to creating better comp plans in 2022
For the Finance Leaders

Who have the same comp planning conversations every year:

Groundhog Day, $12.99

It can get a little frustrating to re-hash the same comp planning conversations every year – remind them that it could be worse (and treat them to peak Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell!) with this 1993 classic.

	 Groundhog day movie available on AmazonImage Source: Amazon 

Who are closing the books:

Adele’s 30 Album, starting at $12.99

Emotions can run high when you are scrambling to pay people on time, amortize your commissions, close the books, finish your budget and roll out new plans. “Easy on Me” might have actually been written by your finance person. In any case, the moody yet hopeful tone of 30 will help them get through this crunch.

Adele Easy On Me Album Cover Available on Apple MusicImage Source: Apple Music

Who rely on effort and a little bit of luck building out the budget model:

Money Tree, $169

Legend has it that a man once asked for money, discovered this plant, and sold the seeds for profit. Give the gift of luck and more money for your 2022 budgeting and sales inspiration.

Money Tree from BloomscapeImage Source: Bloomscape

Who want to understand more about where Varicent is going:

ICM Innovate On-demand Recordings, free!

This holiday season, take a break from the numbers, sit back and check out the on-demand version of ICM Innovate. We’ve gift wrapped this 40-minute informative session that covers ICM, AI and sales pipeline management best practices!

ICM Innovate 2021 On-Demand

For the RevOps Leaders

Who are building out your 2022 sales plan:

Nuurvana Membership, starting at $33/month

Forecasting is hard in relatively stable market conditions, but after the last two years? It’s nearly impossible. Psychic school may just be the thing you need to tap into new energy and get some clarity on how to plan and how to achieve sales targets. Bonus: membership comes with access to the monthly healing circle, which might be needed after the next board meeting.

nuurvana membershipImage Source: Nuurvana

Who are stuck on forecasting when their focus should be pipeline management:

LEGO Creator Set, Maersk Line Triple-E, $548

For the person who needs to make sure your pipeline isn’t blocked like the Suez Canal. They need to put all the pieces together to make something magnificent. Unlike the Ever Given, this container ship will follow a plan. I mean, whatever floats your boat, right?

Ship lego set

Image Source: Lego

Who need a crash course in all things sales comp:

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Compensation, free!

Gift the basics of everything you need to know from the best practices of sales comp to how to motivate your team. (Regifting encouraged)

Varicent Concert Ultimate Guide to Sales Compensation

Who think 'hope' is a strategy for their 2022 sales process:

Lordship and Ladyship Title Packs, starting at $49.95

Driving closer alignment between sales and marketing can be a little daunting. Replace all that doubt with the noblest of titles and the right compensation plans. When you start to see higher win rates and better customer retention, everyone will know how much RevOps ‘rules’!

Couple Title Pack from Established Titles

Image Source: Established Titles


Happy Holidays! And here’s to a safe and healthy 2022!


The Varicent Concert Team