How Meditation Boosts Sales Performance

There’s a huge body of research that shows that meditation boosts performance in almost all areas. From Division 1 Athletes to entrepreneurs, to toddlers, everyone can benefit from meditation. However, despite the clear performance benefits, sales teams are still slow to add meditation to their training tool kit. After a year of creating makeshift desks at kitchen tables and juggling virtual classroom schedules with project deadlines, there’s never been a better time to recharge and meditate! To help out, we’ll teach you two key benefits of sales meditation and share a guided audio exercise to bring this into practice.

Meditation Increases Focus for Your Sales Reps

Meditation has been shown to decrease the amount of cortisol we produce, which reduces the amount of stress we feel.

With lower stress levels, sales reps tend to approach their work with more focus and more success. Psychologist Emily Balcetis’ Ted Talk shows the power of focus. In her research, she had her subjects run to a finish line. She prompted some subjects to stay focused on the finish line, while she gave others no prompt at all. The subjects who were nudged to focus on the goal found the goal to feel 30% closer and the process of achieving the goal to feel 17% easier.

Meditation Can Translate Quotas to Actions

Her research calls this concept “approach orientation,” which suggests that performance increases because when we deeply engage with a goal, we begin to subconsciously break that goal down into more concrete actions.

Meditation, and in particular, goal visualization exercises, can increase “approach orientation” on sales teams. This practice encourages reps to think about the behaviors and actions needed to get to quota, rather than the abstract idea of quota attainment in itself.

Ready to Give it a Try?

So, what are you looking for in a meditation? We recommend guided goal visualizations to encourage sales teams to recharge and re-engage with their quotas. Goal visualization reconnects you with the purpose of why you’re doing the work you’re doing; each step you picture is an action that moves you closer to your goal.

We like goal visualizations so much that we’ve created one to share with your teams! Find a comfortable seat, turn on your volume, and settle in for 9 minutes.

Guided Goal Visualization

It’s normal for the process to feel awkward at first. If after a few times you find visualization isn’t your thing, you can try a few different styles to find one that suits you.


Want to Learn More?

You can also increase the “approach orientation” by giving your team real-time commission tracking, which engages your team with targets more actively.

And download our eBook, How to Create Better Compensation Plans, to learn more about boosting your team’s performance through more motivating quotas.