Varicent Concert Blueprint to Quota

Perfect pipeline management is every sales leader’s dream. Watch this webinar and get the tips you need to support building your Blueprint to Quota!

Key Takeaways

  • Perfect your process first, then layer on training, tools, and technology.
  • If you’re losing 75% of your MQLs by the end of the assembly line process, you might feel like you're wasting time. But guess what? You’re wasting even more time if you’re not hitting quota.
  • It’s more important to establish a repeatable revenue process than to accomplish quick wins.
  • Download the Blueprint to Quota worksheet, a free tool for you to add your numbers and see when and what you need to do to reach your revenue goals.

Remember to…

  • Build a blueprint for each rep to hit quota: Most reps don’t know the leading indicators.
  • Add incentives to form habits: Pipeline management isn’t a monthly check-in, it’s a daily routine.
  • Review your pipeline conversations: Minimize the time spent on forecasting.


  • Sanj Sanampudi, General Manager - Varicent Concert