Inspirational 7 Minute Talks: Ambitious Account Execs and Account Managers in B2B SaaS Sales

If you’re looking to increase your efficiency in navigating the fundamentals of modern-sales best practices and optimize your revenue outcomes, then you’ve come to the right place! Every advantage will help you get closer to overachieving your goal. 

Hear best practices from top-performing account execs and account managers in B2B SaaS sales to gain knowledge and insight necessary to confidently and competently accelerate your career. 

Meet the Speakers:

Loretta Jeremiah, Regional Manager, Varicent

Jonathon Lett, Sales Director, Cognism 

Ben Riall, Author “The Pillars of an Elite Sales Career”

Host: James Ski, CEO and Founder, Sales Confidence

Host: Alex Brown, Sales Director, Sales Confidence