Sales Teams that Forecast Accurately Use This Approach

What are the best sales teams doing to confidently call their number?

After surveying 300+ Sales and Sales Ops leaders (across multiple industries and company sizes) in 2022, key patterns emerged on how the teams most satisfied with their revenue forecast approach the process. Watch now to learn the findings of this study and uncover how you can apply those at your own organization.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The do’s and don'ts for accurate forecasting
  • How peers are addressing challenges
  • What’s on the horizon for successful forecasting
  • How sales leaders can progress their careers through reliability


  • Kimberly Deobald, General Manager - Revenue Intelligence & Symon.AI, Varicent
  • Martin Fleming, Chief Revenue Scientist, Varicent


  • Savannah Downs, Partnerships Manager, Sales Hacker

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