Unwrapping Success: Varicent’s 2023 Gift Guide for SPM Teams

‘Tis the season for closing that final deal, setting new targets, and celebrating the successes of your team over the last year. This holiday, say goodbye to the stress of finding the ideal presents for your coworkers and loved ones in the sales performance management space. Our gift guide is carefully designed to bring joy and motivation to anyone who managed the ups and downs of 2023.

See below for our handpicked selections of gifts for the sales comp professionals, sales ops experts, revenue leaders and sellers in your life.


Varicent Holiday Gift Guide 2023

For the Sales Comp Professionals

Choosing the Right Compensation Model

Barbie® Dreamhouse®



Choosing Right Compensation Model Barbie Dreamhouse

Sometimes it feels like payees have a great day every day, but comp professionals only have a great day if payees look at their plans. Building the right comp plan can feel like building your own dream house. With the right insights and vision, sales comp professionals can soon discover unlimited possibilities to motivate teams and help hit their targets. Give the gift of inspiration with this fully customizable Barbie® Dreamhouse® that will open the mind to new opportunities. Sublime!

To any comp managers reading this: remember, you are Kenough.


Who Think About Dashboards Daily

Roman Colosseum Building Block Set




Roman Colosseum Building Block Set


Are dashboards and metrics their Roman Empire? If this is something they think about daily, it’s time to put their skills to the test. Just like the meticulous planning of the Roman Empire, this hands-on way to construct a winning strategy, piece by piece. This is the ultimate office accessory for those who navigate the complex landscapes of commissions and dream of building an empire as enduring as Rome.


Looking to Use AI In Sales Performance

The Role of a Modern Sales Comp Manager Guide



Sales Compensation Report


In a world of uncertainties, the path to revenue demands more than traditional approaches. Give the gift of becoming a modern sales compensation leader —armed with AI. This guide unveils evolving sales compensation focuses, emphasizes the power of strategic thinking, and offers ways to leverage AI for goal setting and reducing revenue fluctuations.


For SalesOps and RevOps Experts

Looking at Sales Territory Expansion

Signed Travis Kelce Football


NFL Shop

Sales Territory Expansion Travis Kelce Football


We all know a certain blonde popstar may have put Travis Kelce on the map. This gift is the perfect reminder of how to score big in new markets. Unexpected collaborations and strategic moves can lead to superstar success in uncharted areas. It's more than just a football; it's a playbook signed by a pro who knows how to conquer new territories and become a champ in the game.


Focused on Sales Pipeline Building

Stanley Quencher 2.0



Sales Pipeline Building Stanley Cup


The pressure of hitting your number can feel both intimidating and refreshing. Inspire your RevOps loved one to build a pipeline strong enough to stay cool and intact, even throughout a car fire.

Like a solid pipeline, the 40-oz. Quencher holds enough water to meet roughly half of the daily hydration requirement. Aside from its functionality, it shows its owners are hydrated and productive — the kind of RevOps professional who can do it in style!


Keeping Everyone Aligned

Accelerate 2024 Passes

$1300 (pricing available until Jan 12, 2024)



Varicent Sales Performance Management Accelerate Event


Feel like it’s a constant loop to keep everyone on the right path? Master territory optimization strategies, ensuring sales teams are aligned with corporate objectives for maximum revenue impact all at the largest SPM event of the year. Accelerate is the perfect gift to empower someone with the latest insights to drive resilient growth.



For the Sales Revenue Leaders

Navigating Economic Uncertainty

Area 51 Tour


Vegas Sight Seeing


Area 51 Sign


If they feel unclear with how markets will impact their revenue streams, you might as well gift them a trip to the biggest unknown on earth – Area 51! With recent talk of alien landings and the vast unknowns of space, this tour will be offbeat remedy needed to remind revenue leaders they can build resiliency even in the most volatile times.

It's like stepping into the unknown, both in terms of the economy and whatever secrets might be lurking out there.


Budgeting in Recession

The Last of Us Video Game



Budgeting In Recession Last of Us Video Game

Budgeting in tough times can compare to the thrilling simulation of strategic resource management in a post-apocalyptic world. Just as the game's characters scavenge for supplies, these leaders can appreciate the art of allocating resources wisely and making tough decisions to ensure survival and success.

Who knows? If they’re lucky, their journey may be turned into an HBO series too!


Deciding What Path to Take

Rudolph the Revenue Leader



Rudolph The Revenue Leader

This new holiday tale is sure to be a new favorite for any revenue leader. Learn the story of Rudolph the Revenue Leader, and how he led his teams to a clear path of victory, even on the foggiest of year-ends.

Note: If you want your own copy of Rudolph the Revenue Leader, please reach out to your Varicent representative.



For the Sellers

Eager to Understand Their Comp Plan

Scrub Daddy


Scrub Daddy Inc.

Scrub Daddy Sponge


Just like this trusty sponge tackles spills, they're on a mission to absorb every detail and wipe away any potential financial leaks. It's the perfect gift to soak up knowledge and ensure their income stays spotless – all with a smile on their face! Plus, who wouldn't want an absorbent sidekick in the world of commission structures?


Hitting All Their Quotas

Taylor Swift Movie Rental


Select Streaming Services


Taylor Swift Concert Movie


Image Source: © 2023 Taylor Nation, LLC

Celebrate being at the top of their game! From shattering records and winnings awards, the Taylor Swift concert movie is the perfect way to celebrate the fearless success they’ve had. The delicate task of capturing deals and exceeding targets through different eras is a great accomplishment!



We hope this gift guide sparks inspiration for your SPM colleagues and friends. Have a safe and happy holiday from all of us at Varicent. See you in the new year!