Finding the Answer Key

As most kids in North America and Europe begin to head back to school this month, they will all be looking forward to reconnecting with friends and seeing each other in person after a long summer (or longer!) apart.

While they won’t all be looking forward to the tests, projects, and papers, one thing that is important is to find the “Answer Key.” Not the real answer key, that would be cheating. But how can you find the best way to respond to a question on a test, or to write an essay with the most relevant and spot-on structure to get you the best possible marks?

This Answer Key metaphor doesn’t end in school and is in fact something we do quite often in compensation.

Easily Digest Data with Built-In Reporting

Compensation administrators and analysts operate in much the same way when dealing with compensation and the flurry of inquiries they deal with on a daily basis. How can Varicent Incentive Compensation Management work with them to produce the Answer Key? Better yet, how can we anticipate the need for the Answer Key ahead of the inquiry, and provide sales teams information, before they ask the question?

With our new in-built reporting available through the Admin log-in, we are focusing on providing the answers to our users in a consumable fashion. Whether that is presenting simple sales figures, to simplifying complex plan rules and enabling them to answer their own questions. We understand the need for you to have the right information at your fingertips.


Empowering Self-Sufficiency in Sales Teams

Part of having the Answer Key is being able to be more self-sufficient. We have improved the product to enable self-service to the end user. This includes the ability to utilize an in-built chatbot, Ask Varicent. So instead of having to submit an e-mail, wait for ages for a response, and then go back and forth, the end users are empowered through the chatbot to have their own answer key.

Transparent answers and self-sufficiency removes the friction that often comes with compensation management. By finding the Answer Key, we are aiming to give time back to our end users and administrators to help them sell more, be more productive, and allow the entire organization to perform better.


Let us help you find the Answer Key to drive performance within your sales teams. Connect with us today!