5 Memorable Moments from Elevate 2023

Coming home from the whirlwind journey of our Varicent Elevate roadshow event, spanning London, Paris, and Amsterdam, I find myself in awe of the inspiring conversations and knowledge shared. The crossroads of culture, innovation, and growth served as the perfect backdrop for a spectacular event filled with learning, networking, and transformative strategies.

The need to cultivate resilience has never been more crucial. We spent 3 days covering insights about how sales and revenue teams can chart a more connected path to revenue.

In this blog, I reflect and share my 5 favourite moments from Elevate, that will hopefully inspire you to embark on your path to resilient growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI Analytics can be leveraged to better interpret data
  • Customers shared their success stories partnering with Varicent
  • Instructional Labs allowed guests to learn solutions in real-time
  • Leadership shared about Varicent’s evolution, including a sneak peek at upcoming innovations
  • Networking opportunities with customers, leaders, and partners

1. Leveraging AI

It’s no secret that AI is on the rise and its use in business will be powerful. Though there is much excitement around generative AI, there is also lots of new opportunities in AI Analytics. One of the highlights was the keynote address in London by Joel Shapiro, Clinical Associate Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences at the Kellogg School of Management.

His session on "Leveraging AI for Optimal Performance and Profitability" showcased how to utilize cutting-edge technology to achieve peak performance and getting a better understanding of our data. Businesses have so much data to leverage, but what’s the best way? Joel reminded us that AI is not the silver bullet for all sales problems - but challenged us to identify the most pressing problems then maximize the capabilities of analytics and AI. The most important factor that will determine an organization’s success with data and analytics and AI is its ability to think of data as evidence to solve important problems and to be a good critical thinker. Lots to consider, digest, and continue to discuss with our customers!

2. Hearing from our Customers

We’ve said it before: “Customers are our focus at Varicent.” In each city, we had the opportunity to hear firsthand from our customers and how they have improved their sales performance management using Varicent solutions.

In London, Virgin Media and EE shared the challenges they were facing, why they decided to seek Varicent’s help, and how Varicent is helping them continue to achieve their goals. Nick from Virgin Media even discussed how he was inspired to make significant improvements to their Incentives strategy since attending Elevate 2022.

EY took the main stage in Paris where they discussed their revenue management projects. The team also looked into how they leverage Varicent dashboards and data for continuous improvement, and collaboration internally.

At our last stop, Amsterdam, we heard from a panel of our customers, KPN and Seagate Technology, alongside our partner, OpenSymmetry. The session was highly informative and insightful. Our customers highlighted the strong partnership they had developed with Varicent employees as a key reason for their continued collaboration.

3. Instructional Labs

This year at Elevate, we introduced Instructional Labs to showcase our solution capabilities in real time. Attendees were able to participate in a lab on Varicent ELT (Extract, Load, and Transform) and learn more about its role in improving data processes. They gained practical insights into cleaning and transforming data, empowering non-technical users with the tools they need. The lab also highlighted the integration of Varicent ELT with Varicent Incentives, showcasing the holistic approach to data-driven decision-making.

Sales Planning was another Varicent solution highlighted in the Instructional Labs. This lab focused on sales planning challenges and the solution’s impact on sales compensation programs. Participants had the opportunity to explore the user experience and core capabilities of the solution, equipping them with a foundational understanding.

4. Unveiling Tomorrow

Getting to share the unfolding vision for our solutions is always one of my top moments of any event. Our Chief Executive Officer, Marc Altshuller, revisited Varicent’s two-decade evolution and how we’re continuing to evolve to support our customers’ most pressing needs. Our Chief Product Officer, Jason Loh, gave attendees a sneak peek at the latest solutions and capabilities we have coming down the pipe. He also showcased promising innovations designed to maximize revenue potential and deliver reliable sales performance. Leveraging customer feedback, we are creating higher fidelity experiences within Varicent solutions. We were also excited to share previews of a more modern user experience that will help companies better communicate the essential tools and strategies that will help drive their go-to-market performance.

5. Networking

The best part of in-person events is strengthening existing relationships and building new ones through networking. The emphasis on networking was palpable, as everyone was able to engage with peers, thought leaders, and partners.

At the end of each day, we had the great opportunity to unwind and chat with customers, partners, and those interested in Varicent. I loved hearing their feedback and better understanding what their needs are. We all were able to forge valuable connections.


Elevate served as a powerful reminder of the importance of adaptability and growth in today’s market. Our informative sessions and networking events not only enlightened attendees but also facilitated connections with a community of professionals who share similar ambitions. Elevate set the stage to give attendees the tools and strategies needed for a successful future and a more connected path to revenue success.