A Successful Sales
Planning Process:
Everything You Need
to Know

The sales strategy and planning process is an intricate web of activities, including sales territory management, quotas, capacity, and more. Each of these elements are driving towards the common goal of hitting company revenue goals but are completely interdependent on one another.

This collaboration needs to happen not only between the people, but also the data and processes you have in place. Learn more by downloading The Complete Guide to Sales Planning.



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What’s Inside the
Sales Planning Guide

This comprehensive guide includes:

  • The creation and maintenance of effective sales territories.
  • Best practices for quota allocation and setting targets.
  • Common go to market strategy challenges and how to avoid.

Mastering Sales Territory Plans

To maximize the revenue potential of every territory, taking a more systematic and strategic approach to planning sales territories is imperative. Depending on the complexity of the product or service on offer, the scale and scope of the sales territories heavily influence the number and type of sales people engaged in each territory. However, an effective territory planning strategy goes beyond simple geography.

Read How to Build an Effective Sales Territory Plan to learn more.


Building a Map to
Meet Sales Quotas

As businesses evolve, so do their sales strategies, and having a robust quota planning process ensures they remain competitive and relevant in their respective markets. In the dynamic world of sales, quota planning stands as a linchpin in driving performance. It's not just about setting targets; it's about crafting a roadmap for success.   

Find out how to create quotas that can motivate sales and a measure performance. Read here.

Cross-Team Collaboration is Critical

Keep your sales planning processes on track and efficiently address changes by building alliances between the sales and sales operations teams. This collaboration needs to happen not only between the people, but also the data and processes you have in place. This is where sales planning technology and sales performance analytics can help sales operations leaders use and share data in more approachable ways.

Watch Sales Planning is a Team Sport to learn more.


Real Time Sales Planning Optimization

Organizations often approach planning in a fragmented manner, overlooking readily available sales insights. Leveraging valuable data and technology that enables real-time assessment will help identify gaps, measure progress, predict revenue, realize sales process improvements and proactively pivot when necessary. The right technology can do complex analysis and provide the insights needed to take a more strategic and agile approach to sales planning.

Check out Go-to-Market Optimization: Future of Sales Planning to discover how.

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