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From quotas to sales and compensation, Varicent enables companies to drive high performance and maximize revenue by providing vital data, insights, and tools through our suite of solutions.

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Solutions Designed to Help You Create a Predictable Growth Engine

Plagued by data inefficacies, process chaos, or misalignments that lead to missed numbers and lost revenue opportunities? We can help. Our suite of solutions support a company’s entire revenue journey, from results-driven planning and predictability to growth.

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Incentive Compensation

Create incentives that motivate the behaviors needed to achieve your goals.


Sales Planning

Set smarter goals and design territories to maximize your revenue potential.


Revenue Intelligence

Use AI-driven insights to make better decisions and outdo previous performance.



Create Incentive
Strategies that
Increase Sales Yield

Remove friction from the sales compensation process and uncover new insights to incentivize the exact sales behaviors needed to not just drive-up total yield, but outdo previous performance benchmarks.

LEARN MOREOur reps love being able to view their figures in real time.
Elizabeth Evans Sales Compensation Manager, United Rentals
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Sales Planning

Build the Foundation
of a Successful Go-
to-Market Strategy

Design effective territories, accurately size market opportunity, create trust through collaboration, and align quotas to your revenue and growth targets.

We now have a platform that allows us to focus on plan design and optimization, rather than number-crunching and corrections.
Alan Teixeria Vice President Human Resources, Compensation & Benefits, Destiation XL Group (DXL)
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Unlock Revenue
Insights and
Improve Forecasting

Leverage breakthrough revenue insights, from predictive forecasts and opportunity indicators to seller performance, to improve decision-making and get a real-time visibility into your revenue.

LEARN MORE it is now much easier to update our commission plans to better align sellers’ efforts with overall company strategy, steering sales in a more proactive manner.
Erwin Merkel Director of IT, Siemens Healthineers
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