The RevOps Framework

Revenue Operations

Revenue Operations, or RevOps, is a new department that manages full-funnel operations across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success and it has one job:to drive growth through operational efficiency across the customer lifecycle.

Adopting the Revenue Operations model into the way you do business has three main benefits:

  1. RevOps aligns everyone – RevOps keeps all departments on the same page by treating Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success as their stakeholders. This ensures every initiative has a measurable impact on the full funnel, from awareness to expansion. When teams are aligned, they generate 38% more revenue in 27% less time.
  2. RevOps creates focus – RevOps enables Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to focus on their goals by taking on operational and technical overhead. This allows go-to-market teams to focus on their KPIs — generating leads, closing deals, and expanding accounts.
  3. RevOps simplifies everything – Identify and removes roadblocks in the customer lifecycle by enabling Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to move faster. A simple, predictable model gives you confidence to invest in high-growth efforts, like expanding your Sales teams.

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