The Role of a Modern Sales Compensation Manager

Fluctuating markets and other economic factors have all directly made achieving revenue and growth goals more volatile. While a sales compensation program cannot fix these external market factors, leaders can build resiliency in their go-to-market models through strategic compensation planning.

More than ever, companies need compensation managers who can adapt incentive programs, analyze data, and align technical investments with overall goals. As more manual tasks are automated, these managers have the opportunity to take on a strategic role. The role of a modern sales compensation manager is crucial in establishing goals, creating effective strategies, and reducing revenue volatility.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The new key focus areas for sales compensation
  • The value of strategic thinking in sales compensation
  • Ways to leverage technology and AI for success
  • Sustaining revenue in a volatile market
  • An ideal job description for a modern sales compensation manager.

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