Are You Evolving Your Comp Plans as Often as You Should?

Your business is facing change at an unprecedented volume and speed - from new products and acquisitions to shifting market dynamics. This can make maintaining your role and keeping up with changes nearly impossible. How are you evolving your compensation plans to meet these changes?

Sales behavior is lagging behind market changes

Because there's rarely time to make formal comp changes before the next pay period, you have to rely on higher-cost SPIFFs to entice sellers to change their focus.

With little data, it's difficult to analyze performance and business impact, increasing the risk of losing market share to more nimble competitors.

Understand the impact of plan changes have on your business

Quickly see how new plans or changes will impact your business before you roll them out.​ You can rapidly simulate a variety of components—from new business ventures to individual incentive changes—and how they’ll impact payouts. ​

Move beyond basic historical reviews into more forward-looking analytics.

Download this eBook and get the strategies you need to evolve your comp plans as your organization grows.