Sales Planning

What I Wish I Knew: Rethinking Sales Performance Management

Incentive Compensation tech has long stood as the cornerstone of sales performance management (SPM). However, with the explosive growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies, sales experts are now searching or the next big game-changer. 

Sales organizations are demanding a proactive approach that connects sales planning with incentive compensation. Traditional go-to-market methods and disconnected systems make you too slow and too reactive to change.  
Join host Jacklyn Lane and special guest James Mulligan, a leader in the SPM space, as we explore the new realities of SPM and the rise of sales planning. In this episode, James will not only share his first-hand experiences of witnessing and actively participating in this SPM transformation over the years.   

Tune in as we explore:  

  • How Sales Performance Management is transforming?  
  • How to effectively integrate Incentive Compensation and Sales Planning?  
  • The emerging expectations from sales planning solutions  
  • How to leverage data, analytics, and AI for forward-looking insights    


We also cover key finding from a recent Sales Management Association report.   

Read the full report for insight into how you can set your team up for success in today’s change-intensive environment.