The Deal Health System

The Deal Health System is a framework that empowers reps, managers, and operations to take control of pipeline, and increase revenue by making incremental improvements every day – 1% at a time.  

Sales is a system, and the model is easy to understand: leads come in, they convert at a specific volume, value, and velocity – and revenue comes out the other side. The better the system works, the more money reps make, the more success managers find in their career, and the faster the company will grow. It’s a win-win-win.

This eBook is structured for easy reference down the road:

  1. Why the deal health system is needed, in addition to coaching and forecasting.
  2. Inspecting pipeline activity, which covers how reps are engaging with accounts, planning next steps, and utilizing Salesforce.
  3. Inspecting pipeline flow, which covers how reps are managing expectations internally and with the client for how large deals will be won and when they’ll close.
  4. When to incorporate deal health into your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual cadences with your team.

Download The Deal Health System today to get started on designing your new and improved sales system.