Mergers and Acquisitions: The Integration of Sales and Go-to-Market Incentive Compensation

Mergers and acquisitions can provide growth and shareholder value in ways organic growth cannot. But once the deal is signed, what happens next is key to the success of your future growth. The integration stage brings up a lot of questions. Will top performers leave? How does this affect a seller’s territory? What do you tell your clients? 

Learn From Proven Integration Strategies

Successful integrations of go-to-market organizations share many of the same  attributes. Spoiler alert: transparent communication to your employees and clients is critical. This guide provides solutions for tackling the uncertainty and offers up practical advice for keeping the revenue growth momentum going.

You'll gain insight on how-to:

  • Effectively communicate to your teams
  • Harmonize roles and responsibilities 
  • Untangle incentive plan integration
  • Connect culture to incentive compensation
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