Uncovering New Insights to Illustrate True Sales Yield

76% of sales managers across the globe agreed that the capacity to navigate change is more important than it was 5 years ago. In the new world of big data, we can leverage that data to uncover insights that fuel better, faster decisions. However, it's critical to have the right technology and process in place to effectively analyze and action the data.

Making too many decisions on tactical reports & gut-feel

Executives want to gather insights to shape company strategy and when ad-hoc analytics don't hit the mark or take too long to create, leaders have to rely on gut-feel and what's worked in the past.

When you partner with Varicent, you'll uncover new levers and outdo past performance.

In order to evolve as rapidly as the world around you, partnering with Varicent can:

  1. Give you a big-picture view along with the ability to drill down which enables decisive action

Infographics and benchmarks generated from Varicent's pre-built apps allow you to visualize how your team compares with the industry, what's driving attrition, and get a deeper understanding of your top sellers.

  1. Connect the dots between sales incentives to behaviour in order to build strategy

Historically, it's been nearly impossible to understand the impact comp plans have on true sales yield. By mapping your data into blueprints (i.e., data and analytic models), you’re able to model patterns, identify gaps, and forecast results. This tightly enables you to align incentives with business objectives over time.

  1. Access and present advanced analytics like a pro

You'll be able to evolve your analytics capabilities as the business and market shift. Download our eBook today to find out more!