Three Ways AI Helps You Hit Your Sales Goals

Sales leaders often find themselves scrambling for answers when it comes to sales forecasting during business reviews with their team, or with the larger leadership team. Sometimes it’s because there’s a lack of data. But it’s also now increasingly becoming a problem of too much data from different sources. How do they make sense of what’s happening with their business? Because of these, the key questions they need to answer remain:

  • How far are we from our goals this quarter?
  • How much more can I expect from my team realistically?
  • Which customers do I invest more time in to bridge our gaps?
  • What are the levers I need to pull to enhance my sellers’ productivity?

Drive Success with AI Sales Forecasting

In this eBook, Dr. Joel Shapiro, Chief Analytics Officer at Varicent, explores ways AI can help answer these kinds of questions and how it can benefit planning approaches for sales and revenue leaders. He offers a helpful guide how to unlock tremendous potential around AI technology to transform sales from being reactive and blunt to being proactive and precise in their execution.

Download this eBook to learn of new ways to incorporate AI into your organization. Learn how you and your team can better plan, prioritize and ideate new solutions to your recurring business problems. Get insights into the three ways you should use AI to drive optimal sales success.