Varicent Named a Finalist For the 13th Annual Digital Innovation Awards by Ventana Research for Its Augmented Intelligence Technology

TORONTO--()--Varicent, the leading provider of next-generation Sales Performance Management (SPM) software, today announced that it has been recognized as a finalist for the 13th Annual Digital Innovation Award by Ventana Research for its Symon.AI technology, designed to unlock untapped potential and find meaningful patterns in complex and sophisticated sales systems.

Symon.AI packages augmented intelligence capabilities needed to prepare data, get immediate views on trends and anomalies, and provide actionable insights—all in the form of an interactive user interface. Data from systems applied to the context of each individual business’s needs improves the ability to make decisions and better understand answers to need-to-know questions. In short, Symon.AI turns data into evidence to inform better decisions.

Led by CEO Marc Altshuller, Varicent is a provider of Sales Performance Management (SPM) software, helping organizations worldwide drive growth and achieve maximum ROI.

"I'm incredibly excited about this recognition from Ventana Research," said Altshuller. "Legacy systems for data science and augmented intelligence are too big a step up for citizen analysts. Symon.AI makes analytics easy to use and explainable, allowing users to solve real business problems and answer important business questions."

Symon.AI includes standard applications for seller performance, seller churn, gender pay equity, customer attrition, and forecasts.

"Symon.AI is a powerful partner for sales organizations finding gaps in data from even the best CRM, HRIS, and Salesforce automation systems that fall short in providing accurate guidance, opportunity scoring, forecasting, and true-to-life business problem-solving," he continued.


About Varicent

Varicent is the leading provider of Smart Sales Performance Management (SPM) cloud-enabled software for mid-market and enterprise companies in any industry. Its augmented intelligence-powered platform enables customers to quickly and easily see and address sales trends, problem areas, and opportunities, by predicting outcomes and prescribing actions to optimize revenue. Varicent pioneered incentive compensation and sales performance software that helps customers manage highly complex compensation plans, territories, and revenue goals.

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