Varicent Chief Revenue Scientist Releases Book To Achieve Post-Pandemic Economic Growth

Breakthrough: A Growth Revolution Suggests Government, Business and Workers Adopt “Growth and Fairness Agenda” to Drive Long-Term Prosperity

November 16, 2022 (Toronto, ON) – Martin Fleming, leading economist and Chief Revenue Scientist for award-winning SaaS company Varicent, offers his multi-point prescription for strong and sustained economic growth in his new book Breakthrough: A Growth Revolution, published by Business Expert Press.  

“Martin’s economic expertise and insights are invaluable to the Varicent team. He has shown us how to take complex data and extract trends and insights, giving both Varicent and our customers best practices and advice they can act on. Martin’s findings have shaped the way our solutions are designed to help our customers improve operational efficiency and allow leaders to focus on revenue growth,” says Marc Altshuller, CEO, Varicent. “Breakthrough is a must-read for any leader looking for advice on how to navigate our current economic climate and continue leading their teams to success.” 

Formerly IBM’s Chief Economist, Martin joined Varicent in 2020 and has been instrumental in helping to shape Varicent’s future roadmap, vision, and strategy. As Varicent’s Chief Revenue Scientist, he advises both leadership and clients with macroeconomic insights and analysis. He has published many eBooks, blogs, and other thought pieces with Varicent outlining research results, key trends and tips for sales leaders. Martin been a long-time champion of the deployment of technology across business processes and has a deep-rooted understanding of the critical role data and technology play in the future of sales performance management.

The book, Breakthrough, provides readers with a deep analysis of current economic and societal trends, along with a rich history of the four major industrial revolutions. Topics in Breakthrough explore the key principles of Martin’s Growth and Fairness Agenda, including:

  • increased investment in small- and medium-sized enterprises,
  • artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics tools that are easier-to-use and more widely adopted,
  • government incentives that support workforce education and training, along with tax provisions that encourage investment in both tangible and intangible capital, and
  • deeper engagement between business executives and their workforces, including a willingness to embrace new skills requirements and ways of working.

The book proposes that adopting AI and analytics tools is one key to driving growth post-pandemic. Business and sales leaders must prioritize go-to-market resources to maximize return on sales investments. Varicent has developed technology that delivers powerful predictive and prescriptive insights using a cloud-based, no-code platform. From quotas to sales and compensation, Varicent enables companies to drive high performance and maximize revenue by providing vital data, insights, and tools through its suite of solutions. 

“While the near-term economic impact of Covid, the war in Europe and climate change might be unnerving, history shows that pandemics are often followed by strong economic and productivity growth,” explains Martin Fleming, Chief Revenue Scientist, Varicent. “In addition, businesses are dramatically increasing their spending on software, services and emerging technologies, confirming that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is well underway. This confluence of events creates fertile conditions for transforming our economy and driving more equitable income distribution.”

Breakthrough: A Growth Revolution is available in digital and paperback formats from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or directly from Business Expert Press

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