The Seller’s Challenge

There was a time not long ago when a prospect needed your help. Need a new refrigerator? Let's go to the store, see what is on the show floor, and allow the nice man to take us through the features of the icebox. Need to travel? Here is the number for the agent who can book you on the airline, find a hotel, and car.

Today's prospect is much more sophisticated. There is no lack of detail, information, or opinion about a product or a service. Sellers today are faced with the challenge of the clients knowing more than they do. So what can they do? How can we help?

One of the programs I see more clients take an interest in is around the benefits of non-revenue metrics: Sellers earn points and rewards as part of the lifetime learning and engagement, driving them to be better sellers. It is a holistic approach to creating a center of excellence around not just the features and functions of a product, but the value of becoming a member of the user community. This is a part of a team selling methodology where it is no longer the man on the show floor, the woman at the phone, or the handshake at the dealership, but the concerted effort of working together for the delight in the buyer's experience.

Points and rewards are becoming showcased in an internal digital trophy case where these efforts are acknowledged or shared online through professional social media.

Points and rewards are very similar when it comes to the abilities of Sales Performance Management to calculate accurate payout. Any Sale Performance Management offering at its core should offer an ability to prove out payout, time, points, or percentages as part of the compensation plan. Our goal is to motivate repeatable good behaviors and lower the risk of bad practices.

How are you addressing the challenge of the smarter buyer?