Sales Representatives

Access your past and current incentive compensation statements, track and monitor sales performance metrics and get answers to transaction inquiries.

As the Sales Representative, you care most importantly about your earnings (i.e. base pay, commissions, and bonuses), and you likely spend a good amount of time tracking your earnings in a spreadsheet – many refer to this as ‘shadow accounting.

Without a Sales Performance Management (SPM) solution, Sales Representatives (i.e. Account Executives, Product Specialists, Inside Sales Reps, or others) spend a significant amount of time with shadow accounting as they don’t trust how their earnings are calculated.

Sales Representatives want visibility and transparency into their earnings, quota attainment, peer ranking, compensation agreement, qualifying vs non-qualifying transactions, and other performance indicators that highlight their success.

They also want to access CRM and SPM together.  The CRM solution maintains the customer relationship from lead-to-prospect, prospect-to-opportunity, and opportunity-to-customer, whereas SPM manages the amount of compensation you will receive credit for, should you progress and close a deal.

With Varicent, the Sales Representative can: 

  • Access and view past and current sales incentive compensation statements at anytime from anywhere.
  • View key performance metrics such as ranking reports, quota attainment, new customer acquisitions, opportunities in pipeline, and many other performance metrics.
  • Examine the compensation structure, compensation plan components and measures, and any compensation policies and procedures.
  • Calculate projected commission earnings based on different scenarios (e.g. what if you were to close three more transactions in the current month or up-sell a specific product to a customer).
  • Submit inquiries when something doesn’t look correct on your compensation statement.


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